Fruits 'n Vegetables Galore


The new school year is well underway and once again Nutritional Services is proud to continue to offer fresh fruits and vegetables everyday for every meal!  The children are eating up their colors and learning about new types of produce through our Harvest of The Month Program.

In addition to offering fresh fruit or vegetables every day, we also offer a Harvest Bar at all of our schools every Friday.  This bar offers a variety of fresh items for the students to choose from to accompany their entrée. Many of these items come from local growers in our area. Two of our main suppliers are Colon Orchards and Telck Hillside Orchards. The students feast on locally grown apples, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, pears, plums, peaches and more!

The Nutritional Services Staff have been using their newly learned skills from their recent Culinary Summit to present the fruits and vegetables in a manner that will appeal to kids. The Culinary Summit was made possible by a recent Team Nutrition Grant that the department received.

The goal of the grant is to encourage consumption of healthier foods by our students.  We ask parents to support our efforts by offering fresh produce to their children around their own dinner table.  The key to getting kids to eat healthier it so simply give them access to healthy selections.  








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