Family Center:

Resource Coordination

The Fremont County Family Center is a place where you can come and find out about services, resources, and information on a county, regional, state, and national level. Just like one of our families said "Of they don't know about something they'll find out for you!" Resource and Referral services include:

At the Family Center, numerous agency applications can be found, so that you don't have to run around from place to place to get them.

Resource Coordinators are available to get you started in accessing information and services you may need. Home Visitors are also available.

Telephone Warmline: Call and talk to someone in a person, or leave a message and our staff will get back to you about any questions surrounding resource information, your child's development, or you family's need.

Pamphlets and Information Center: In the lobby of the Family Center there is a display that has information on topics important to your family. If you don't see what you need there are Family Center keeps an extensive Library on selected topics. "Biting", "Divorce" "Sibling Rivalry" "Temper Tantrums" are an example of many handouts available. The Family Center also offers a parenting lending library with excellent books and videos.

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