Substitutes - Certified and Classified

Substitute employees are a valued resource for the Canon City School District.  We have two types of substitutes:  Certified (Teachers) and Classified.  Classified Substitutes include Paraprofessionals, Bus Drivers, Food Servers, Custodians, Secretaries, and all other support staff.

CERTIFIED SUBSTITUTES AND AUTHORIZATIONS:  Certified Substitutes (Teacher Substitutes) must possess a current Professional License or a Substitute Authorization from Colorado Department of Education (CDE). CDE offers one, three, and five year authorizations. An Authorization must be attached to your application for consideration.

To obtain your authorization complete an application on the CDE website  with their online system.  Certified Substitutes cannot be placed in the classroom without a current license or authorization issued by the state of Colorado.

HIRING:  Substitutes are required to apply via our online application system.  Documents will need to be attached, i.e. Colorado Substitute Authorization, College Transcripts, etc.

Once an application is received, it is reviewed and an interview is scheduled with Mrs. Misty Manchester, Director of Human Resources. The candidate's name is then added to Board of Directors meeting for approval. Once payroll paperwork and background check has been completed, the name is added to the substitute roster(s). Substitutes are also required to have an ID badge, your picture will be taken at the time of your interview.

It is required for all substitutes to read and comply with the rules in the Substitute Handbook and submit the signed Acknowledgement Page.  This page must be turned in to the HR Clerk and kept in your file.

Each year, substitutes will be mailed an Intent to Substitute Form. Forms must be retuned before the deadline to remain a substitute with Canon City Schools. You must complete and submit a Substitute Handbook Acknowledgment page each year with your Intent to Substitute Form. 

RESIGNING:  If a substitute is unable to fulfill this capacity and needs to resign, this must be done in writing and addressed to Misty Manchester, Director of Human Resources.