Class Projects - Click on the Word document below to view a list of themes, concepts, and media that each grade level will learn about and experience throughout the semester long art classes.  In the future, the grade level folders will provide more specific information pertaining to each class's assignments/projects. In the meantime, check Parent Portal in Infinite Campus for assignment details, including deadlines, and up-to-date grades.




The middle school art program receives approximately $5.00 per student for supplies for the entire school year.  Most tools, equipment, and materials are supplied for students in the art room, including paper.  However, your help in providing your Harrison student with a few extra items is extemely helpful. Students should leave their items in a provided slot in the art room so they have them every day.  If they lose these items or run out, they are responsible for replenishing them as soon as possible.  They are also responsible for seeing me to make their own sketchpad or receive spare pencils if they are unable to acquire them outside of school.

1.  Sketchbook/drawing pad - Any sketchbook or drawing pad will do, as long as it’s at least 8 ½” x 11” and not over 12” x 18” in size; 9” x 12” is ideal.  It should have at least 20 white pages and a durable cover. You can find inexpensive sketchbooks at ALCO, Walgreen’s, the “dollar stores,” some grocery stores, and Walmart in Canon City.  Higher quality/professional-grade sketchbooks can be found at Hobby Lobbys and other arts/craft stores in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Canon Frame Shop on Main St. has great art supplies and the owner, Becca, will give you a %10 “Harrison discount.”

2. Pencils - #2 or special art pencils (There are art kits that include nice sketching pencils at local stores)  Students should bring at least a ½ dozen pencils to leave in the art room for the semester.

  3. Erasers (optional) Pink, rubber, vinyl, or kneaded, any size, as long as it erases pencil lead well

4. Sharpener - a small, portable pencil sharpener is a helpful tool