Helpful links for American History

Advertising Artwork of Theodore Geisel
Examples of Geisel's ad campaigns
Audio for The Biggest Decision: Why we had to drop the atomic bomb
Class Zone
This is a good support site for our history book. You can take practice quizzes, study vocabulary, use writing frameworks, and listen to parts of each chapter.

When you access this site, choose the red history book icon. That's the edition that we are using.
Dr. Seuss Goes to War

Dr. Seuss interview (Minear)
NPR interview with the editor of Dr. Seuss Goes to War.
Free Rice is helpful for vocabulary work, grammar and mechanics review and more. Plus, you get to feed the world!
This is a great place to go for interesting ideas and conversations.
Vietnam reading

This is a chapter from Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States

Winston Churchill's Sinews of Peace