Check out these AMAZING WEB SITES!!! 

Digital Vaults: Stories from the National Archives
Photos, documents, and media from the National Archives provide interactive opportunities for students to access U.S. historical topics and themes. Learn about our Nation's history and tell the digital story!
Explore Science, Art and the Human condition through this interactive site! Curious? Virtually dissect a cow's eye, make your own petroglyph, find out your age in Martian years .....the possibilities are endless.
Graphic organizers and thinking guides can help you solve problems, see different perspectives and map your ideas!
Math Playground
Math Games and Activities for students from 1st to 8th grade.
Create stories through pictures and also learn parts of speech.
The National Science Digital Library
This site can help you narrow your search for information. This will save research time and help you discover valid, relevant, and precise information. Best for 5th grade and above.