Artful Links - Students, there are some exciting links on this page for you!

AnaSomnia animated website
Super cool transitions of linear images (nightmares?).
Art Zone
The National Gallery of Art Kids has fun, interactive art games and activities online!
Forest Life
Beautiful imagery brought to life in this video
Keith Haring Site for Kids

Play around with kid (and adult-friendly) printable coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, artist biography, interactive games!

Click on the "hotspots" in super detailed, black & white images of people, animals, plants, insects, and other natural things to see awe-inspiring transitions.
Rafael Rozendaal - Fun Art Screens
Colorful, bold, and some are even interactive!
Have fun using your computer mouse to draw on the screen!
The Incredible Art Department - Art projects link

Does your child like to make artistic creations outside of the art room? This site has thousands of art activities for them to choose from.

The Picture of Everything
Where's Waldo - and everybody else in this painting? Zoom in to see each individual character in this exciting painting.