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Infinite Campus Parent Portal…Making a Connection with Parents

Canon City Schools offers another communication tool for parents, students and their schools, the Infinite Campus Portal. The Infinite Campus Portal, our district’s student information system, connects parents/guardians to students’ data online, anytime, from anywhere there is internet access. Once the portal is accessed, information about only their child’s progress can be located. The portal offers the most current information for student schedules, attendance, courses and grades.
To use the Infinite Campus Portal, parents/guardians need a computer that can access the internet. (For more information see system requirements) Access to the portal can be gained from their home, work, public library or anywhere they can establish an internet connection. The portal is a free service to our district families. Instructions for using the portal are available.
Utilizing the portal improves communication with parents and students. Parents are utilizing the information on the portal to talk to their children about their school life, thus improving attendance, assignment completion and overall progress in school. Making this information-rich connection with parents is a clear way to improve communication between teachers, parents and students. This practice will ultimately help boost student achievement.

Key Points - Things To Know Before Using The Parent Portal If you need help in accessing or using Canon City Schools' Parent Portal, please contact your child's school for assistance.

1. Access to all children information within the household who attend Canon City Schools will be available to the parent via the Parent Portal upon successful account setup and login.

2. Allow 2 weeks (after the date they are turned in) for teachers to post grades for assignments visible in the Parent Portal.

3. Attendance information will be updated on a daily basis and will be posted no later than 12:00 AM (midnight) of the day after attendance was taken.

4. Keep your user name and passwords secure.  Do not allow others to use your user name and password.

5. Teachers can be contacted via the e-mail links in the Parent Portal.  Please be kind, courteous, and respectful.

6. Log off of the Parent Portal session when you are finished.

7. Student data will only be accessible for the current year.  Previous school year data will not be available.

Downloads for Infinite Campus Portal

- If you don't have Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater on your computer, you can download it at no charge from Microsoft by clicking the following link - Download Internet Explorer. To check to see which version of Internet Explorer you have, open up Internet Explorer on your computer, then click Help>About Internet Explorer. 

- Firefox browser can be downloaded at:

- Camino browser can be downloaded at:

- Don't have Acrobat Adobe Reader on your computer? To download click on the following link-Download Adobe Reader. Adobe® Reader® — free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.


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