Dietary Guidelines

Disclaimer:  The nutritional information contained on our website and on our menus is kept current.  The information is accurate to the best of our knowledge based on information we have received from the item's manufacturer.  This information is meant to be a GUIDE to the grams of carbohydrates and other nutrients in our meals and is not definitive.  The Nutritional Services Department is not responsible for any adverse medical events incurred as a result of using this information.  Many factors can affect the final carbohydrate and nutrient content of the child's meal, including condiments, the actual serving size given to or chosen by the child (this document assumes the serving sizes listed are what is being served; if the actual serving size is more or less than the one listed it would affect the carbohydrate content), other items taken along with the entree, and the amount of the item that is consumed.  Please verify the menu items being served with the kitchen manager since the menu and the brand of product we use may change at any time without notice.  Please contact Paula Buser, Manager of Nutrition at 719-276-5813 for additional or more specific information.