Maintaining Your Students Meal Account 

Lunch Account

In an effort to efficiently serve all of the students who participate in our school breakfast and/or lunch program, we ask parents and guardians to assure money is deposited regularly on their student’s meal account. No charging of meals is permitted. When students have money on their lunch account, our meal line runs efficiently and students sufficient time to enjoy their meal. If a parent sends cash or a check to school with their student, we ask that this money be given to us before or after our meal periods.  Our ability to serve the students is slowed down when we accept money during the peak meal period.  We also encourage parents to access our on-line payment system at for a fast and efficient method of making meal payments.

When a student’s lunch account falls below $5.00 we will begin giving students a gentle reminder.  We will follow-up to the best of our ability with a verbal reminder and/or a written reminder that they need to bring lunch money. IF their lunch money balance falls below $0, you will receive phone calls reminding you that money is owed.  These phone calls will continue until money is place on their account. We appreicate it when parents keep track of their student’s balance. Please regularly check your child's backpack/folders for notes regarding their lunch account.  Additionally, automatic balance reminders are available via our on-line payment system at  This a free service and we encourage all parents to access this feature of our on-line system.  No on-line payments are required to use this service.

If the student does not deposit money and their balance becomes negative, they will be offered a small alternate meal for that day.  Since we do not permit the charging of school meals it is extremely important that your student maintain a balance on their lunch account.