Disability Services:

Family Services & Support


700 South 8th Street
Canon City, CO 81212
Nancy Harris (5-18 yrs) 275-1616, ext: 212
Justin Gutierrez (birth-4 yrs) 276-6190

Dawn Accuttella/Chaffee Co./(birth – 18 yrs) 539-2577, ext: 314
203 "E" Street
Salida, CO 81201

What is FSSP?

 -  Empowers the family to make decisions concerning necessary, desirable and appropriate services and supports.

 -  Enables the family to receive the support necessary to care for their family member(s) at home.

Who is Eligible?

 -  There is a determination that an individual has a developmental disability (or developmental delay if under 5 yrs of age).

 -  The person lives with his/her family.


Services & Supports:

 -  Respite Care

 -  Professional Services

 -  Medical and Dental 

 -  Transportation

 -  Other Individual Expenses

 -  Assisted Technology

 -  Home Modification

 -  Parent and Sibling Support