Early Development:

First Steps Parents as Teachers, Home Visiting

Help your child take those important First Steps by joining...


What is First Steps' Parents As Teachers?

You and your child will go through many changes in the first five years of your child's life.

First Steps provides information, support and a helping hand to make these years more enjoyable.


How will First Steps' Parents As Teachers work for me?

Our program will help you feel more comfortable in your role as a parent, showing you ways you can help your child.

A parent who feels confident about being a parent can be a good teacher, make their home a good place for learning and help their children as they grow.


What Does First Steps' Parents As Teachers cost?

There is no cost to parents and children for any First Steps services or activities.

What Does First Steps' Parents As Teachers offer?

Our Parent Center, located at the Fremont County Family Center, offers a place to come for support and learning.


First Steps' Activities

Home visits offer more information and support for parents with young children. A certified parent educator will provide one-on-one support for families and information about:

  Child development and brain development of the child.

  Making your home a safe place for your child.

  Development screening to help identify any concerns at an early stage.

  Helping your child grow and learn!

Play Groups that offer children a chance to play with others, and parents a chance to teach their child through play, for example:

  Reading and singing to your child can help your child's language development.

  Playing with other children can teach your child how to solve problems.


What else does First Steps' Parents As Teachers Offer?

The Work Shops offer information about parenting topics, health, nutrition and child development.

The quarterly Newsletter informs you of Parent Center happenings and gives helpful tips on common parenting concerns.

The Information Center proves pamphlets and videos that answer questions about your child.

A certified Car Seat Specialist can assist parents in proper installation of car seats.

The Warm Line is a telephone service the helps answer questions about your child. If you cannot reach on of our staff members, leave a message and someone will return your call. The Warm Line telephone number is 269-1523


Who Will First Steps' Parents As Teachers serve?

First Steps offers services to any family in Fremont County with children prenatal through kindergarten.

Your baby was born to learn... and you are your child's first and most important teacher.

First Steps' Parents As Teachers follows the nationally recognized Parents As Teachers follows the nationally recognized Parents As Teachers program which is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Parents As Teachers and Your Baby Was Born to Learn are printed with permission of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 1990.

Special thank-you goes to Developmental Opportunities and RE-1 School District for their assistance and ongoing support of this program.

Funded by a variety of grants which include grants from ADAD, CPIRC, and Fremont County Department of Human Services.

First Steps is sponsored by the ECHO Interagency Council for young Children.