Developmental & Evaluation Clinic

Purpose of the clinic

To Provide local comprehensive developmental evaluations to infants, preschoolers, or elementary age children who demonstrate developmental delay and who reside in Fremont, Custer or Chaffee Counties.



Referrals can come from schools, parents, physicians, nurses, or anyone working with children. The clinic team reviews each referral and decides which children are appropriate for the clinic evaluation. Referrals should be made directly to the Clinic Coordinator.


Role of the Developmental Clinic

The Clinic combines the skills of local professionals and pediatricians to ensure a comprehensive evaluation for each child. The clinic provides service coordination to facilitate linkages with recommended community services and supports. The clinic does not provide any direct follow-up or therapeutic program. Referrals are made to local resources for follow-up care.


Cost of Clinic

Medicaid or private insurance will be billed when appropriate.

No family will be denied services because of an inability to pay.


Frequency of Clinic

Clinics are scheduled four times per year.


Location of Clinic

Clinics are held at the Fremont County Nursing Service located in the courthouse. Outreach clinics may be planned based on individual need.


What is Developmental Evaluation?

A developmental evaluation looks at all aspects of a child's growth including a complete medical evaluation.

  • A typical evaluation may look at how a child is:
  • Growing 
  • Seeing 
  • Talking 
  • Hearing 
  • Playing 
  • Moving 
  • Thinking 
  • Behaving

Parent Conferences

The results of the diagnosis evaluation are shared with parents in a parent conference. A plan for long range care, educational needs, specific therapies and medical treatment are developed with the parents.

Contact Information

Bobbie Daws, R.N.

Fremont County Nursing Service