October Count

Please call, email or come in and schedule your October 1st lab time! All student MUST come in and work on all of their classes on October 1st.

Picture Day!

Students needing ID cards or school pictures need to come into the lab on

October 6th from 2 - 5 p.m.

  • Free Online school
  • Access to high school and middle school sports and activities
  • Learning Center open daily for academic support
  • Students receive personalized academic plans and curriculum
  • Flexible daily schedule to accommodate work and personal requirements
  • Students work at their own pace
  • Weekly phone and/or e-mail communication related to grades and progress
  • Parental support and training
  • College and work force preparation
  • Curriculum provided by:www.getfueled.com

A free and flexible education option!

Meeting the diverse needs of our students and families!