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The Old Science Kit workroom is looking pretty quiet.  Now might be a good time to click around and explore it, while no one's looking.  You never know what you might find...


Welcome back!  You look (please select whichever works for you)

  • tanned and rested and great! 
  • (or) sunburnt and tired and harried.
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For grades 2 through 5, your first science kit should be in your classroom by the first day of school -- it will be picked up on November 6th.  For Kindergarten and 1st grade, your kit will be coming to your room on October 16th and will be yours until the middle of February.  Click on "Delivery Schedule" link on the list to the left (or on the hourglass in the picture above) for the science kit calendar. You can get a revised inventory sheet for your kit at the "Inventory Sheets" link (or by clicking on the top shelf of stuff in the picture). And if you have questions, click on the chair to find Mike.