Welcome to the Office of the Superintendent

Cañon City Schools Administration Office
Superintendent - George Welsh

Address: 101 N 14th St
Phone Number: 719-276-5700
Fax: 719-276-5739

For many years, the Fremont RE-1 School District has played a critical role in the development of future leaders and community members.  Our mission statement, cited below, reflects the role we have in making Cañon City a wonderful place to live.

The Mission of School District Fremont RE-1 is to develop compassionate, responsible, independent, and productive citizens through a quality education for students, provided in a safe environment for students and staff.

Cañon City students learn from an early age that they have a responsibility to act with compassion toward others, a responsibility for their actions, a responsibility to develop personal independence, and a responsibility to give back to the community.  District staff members model this to students on a regular basis.

Most recently, students helped to replant trees in an area of the Royal Gorge that was ravaged by fire just a year ago.  For the past few years, students have operated a recycling program that provides an ecologically safe manner to dispose of electronic appliances and devices, as well as learning job skills.  Almost anywhere you go in our community you will find students working in local businesses.  These, plus many more examples, demonstrate that the students of Fremont RE-1 schools are learning how to put our mission statement into action.

Academically, Cañon City students receive an education that prepares them for the next steps in life.  Students continue to perform at similar levels as those of students around the state.  Our graduates can be found attending many of the major universities, community colleges, technical programs, branches of the military, and careers.  It is always exciting to hear from our former students and learn of their accomplishments beyond high school.

Safety is a priority for students and staff.  Over the years we have developed strong relationships with local law enforcement and other first responders in an effort to make school as safe as possible.  Recognizing that this is a job that is never completed, we continue to practice and refine our procedures based on the most recent guidance available.  Students and staff recognize that everyone has a role to play in making school safe.

The Fremont RE-1 School District continues to provide a quality education to students, and is proud to be a major contributor to our community.  If you have an opportunity to visit our schools, attend one of our many activities, or meet our students, I believe you will be impressed with what you see.