Welcome to the Office of the Superintendent

Cañon City Schools Administration Office
Superintendent - Dr. Robin Gooldy

Address: 101 N 14th St
Phone Number: 719-276-5700
Fax: 719-276-5739

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Recognizing that the schools play an essential role in developing the future of our community, the Cañon City School District takes this mission statement to heart. Each and every day you will see actions taking place that exemplify the components of our mission.


SchoolCenter PictureCañon City students are quick to come to the assistance of those in need. Whether it is a national disaster, such as Hurricane Katrina, or something more local, such as the tornado in Holly, Colorado, our students were stepping up to do their part to help others in need. This spirit of compassion toward others is a vital ingredient for the future success of our community.

Academically, Cañon City students are well prepared for the future according to achievement indicators that compare our students to others in the state and nation. Many of our students  achieve well above the state average on CSAP and ACT tests. Cañon City students also continue to achieve scholarships at an impressive rate as they further their education beyond high school. While maintaining the core academic program designed to equip students with strong basic skills, we are also incorporating 21st century skills into our program to prepare students for success in the work force.

In this day and age, safety for students and staff is at the center of all we do, and it takes many forms. Whether it is our bus drivers who safely deliver our students to and from school each day, or our cooperation with local law enforcement officials to continually review and update procedures, our goal is to have as safe an environment as possible. We also have identified standards of behavior that are designed to provide a safe environment for learning to occur.

Cañon City School District employees recognize the significance of our mission for this community and the trust that has been given to us. On a daily basis, we strive to earn your trust and confidence.