The West Wing program at Canon City High School is an independent alternative high school housed on the west side of CCHS.  It uses the Discovery program to inspire dignity and respect for every student that comes through the doors.  Through this program the school offers a safe, healthy, independent work environment with multiple teaching methods offered for each course. Each student has the option to take nearly every high school credit as an on-line class, lecture, or independent study all the way through graduation.

There is also a rewarding “roads scholar” program that allows students to experience unlimited real life applications of the topics that they study in class.  From seeing art at a museum to snowboarding the Rockies to fishing the Arkansas, students’ learning will be energized.  Other experiential learning opportunities include skating, hiking, golf, painting, sewing, cooking, web design, sign language, and cosmetology among others, and have also included veterinarians, pilots, engineers, comedians,  actors, and musicians as guest speakers at the school.

During their time at the West Wing students will have the opportunity to learn in smaller class sizes, be treated as an adult,  and be subject to less teen drama while still having the opportunity to enjoy the social life of a high school teenager.

If you are a parent or a student and you are interested in the West Wing Program, please contact the counseling office.