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Our Mission:

McKinley Elementary School is dedicated to academic, social, and personal growth by empowering self-motivated, kind, respectful, and confident students in a safe environment rich in family traditions. 

We added a new webpage to display student writings and artwork.  Click on picture to check it out and sign the guest book.

McKinley Elementary- Kindergarten: As we finished up our Wood and Paper science unit we watched and helped make new paper out of old!!Mrs. Kelly's class was joined by Mrs. Roberts' class for the activity. Both kindergarten classes have enjoyed learning about wood and paper and we are excited to fill our aquariums with fish for our next Science unit - Observing an Aquarium!!!


Parents and students, you can now browse and reserve books from our library at home through our Destiny Quest on-line library catalog.


Students, Use this link to practice math skills.  Ask your teacher for your username and password. 

Students, Use this link to take AR tests and practice your Math Facts in a Flash.


Students, Use this link to work on Read Live.  Ask your teacher for your username and password.

 Student Safety!

A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the classroom response to an incident at school. Weather events, fire, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by students, teachers, staff and administration.

Our school is expanding the safety program to include the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). The SRP is based on these four actions: Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter.

Parents, please read this SRP flyer to learn more. You can also get involved.  Check out