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8th Grade learned valuable lessons about the Vietnam War during their protest march and sit-in today!










Congratulations to the Science Fair Winners!

Grand Champions

Grace Hall and Brooke Vanriper



1st Place- Dalton Ortiz, Julie Schilf, Sophie LeDoux

2nd Place- Gavin Reddick, Thor Shelver

3rd Place- Sonia Stopka, Alex Apodaka, Taylor Garruto


1st Grade

1st Place- Xandree Campbell, Brooke Smeins, Isabella Bailey

2nd Place- Hayden Siegfried

3rd Place- Mackenna Irvine,
Gavyn McCasland, Caden Bradley


2nd Grade

1st Place- Elizabeth Dewitt, Jacob Smith, Virgil Adamic, Amanda Walsh, Sarah Garutto, Isabella Hicks, Andrew Piquette

2nd Place- Meadow Newey, Madisyn Williams

3rd Place- Breanna Spellman, Evan Brandt


3rd Grade

1st Place- Velinka Willard, Thyrrni Thorson, Alyssa Rupp

2nd Place- Bryce Williams, Paula Schilf

3rd Place- Katie Means, Mischa Clouthier, Hannah Worthen


4th Grade

2nd Place- Piper Jones, Teddy Pugin, Seth Murphy

3rd Place- Nathan Brandt


5th Grade

1st Place- Josh Smith, Vivan Johnson, Chase Melnik, Zoe Martin, Kat Clouthier

2nd Place- Aidan Spellman

3rd Place- Stanley Eichelberger


Middle School

1st Place- Brooke Vanriper, Grace Hall, Elizabeth Dube, Cole Sullivan, Abigail Rupp

2nd Place- Cat Fox, Charlie Jones, Kate Tedquist, Haleigh Howard, Trinity Gallo, Alyssa Dickson, Lilli Greenwood

3rd- Ellie Till, Hannah Atwood


Spirit Run Schedule 4/10/14

11:45am Middle School

12:05pm 5th Grade

12:25pm 4th Grade

1:05pm 1st Grade

1:25pm K and Pre-K

1:45pm 2nd Grade

2:05pm 3rd Grade



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