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The Exploratory Way

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Cañon Exploratory School, was the host for Battle of the Books this year.

America's Battle of the Books, ABB, is a reading incentive program for students in grades 4-6 grades. Students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read. The competitions are similar in style to the TV series Family Feud or Whiz Kids styles of competition, but the structure and format of the competitions may vary depending on the needs, resources and personal preferences at various school sites or at the regional/state competition levels.

There were four teams who participated this year. Fremont Elementary, Penrose Elementary, McKinley Elementary, and Cañon Exploratory.  These teams were made up of 6 representatives from each school to a battle.  Cañon Exploratory took home first place!  All teams had a great time, and look forward to competing in the future!

Mrs. Holcomb's class visiting Eco-Park.  We learned more about rocks and minerals from a BLM geologist.  We found fossils in limestone, learned about how the hogbacks were formed, and hiked down to Grape Creek.  Mr Fry talked about Zeb Pike and were able to see where he traveled as he was exploring Colorado.  It was a beautiful day filled with lots of fun and learning.

Mrs. Holcomb's 3rd and 4th graders being taught an art lesson by artist Ken McGowan on our field trip.  They are sketching the beautiful Brookside surroundings in their sketchbooks.

Mrs. Holcomb's 3rd and 4th graders are helping their kindergarten buddies write a book.

Tuesday, May 6th Mrs. Holcomb’s and Mrs. Wrona’s classes visited the CC&V Gold Mine.  They traveled into the working mine and observed the modern gold mining process.  They were able to not only see but climb up a huge dump truck which carries in excess of 250 tons of ore.  They observed the staff setting implosion charges for blasting, the leach fields, the ball mill and crushing conveyor, and many historic mine bores from the late 1800s. 


Canon Exploratory School recently finished a new 20 x 20 shed for the Physical education and Music departments. Mrs. Carrie Hanenberg (PE teacher) & Mrs. Dena Brady (Music teacher) will share the space with new PE equipment received from a Fremont County physical education grant and Music risers and instruments.  With the addition of 7th and soon 8th graders at CES, both teachers will also fill this shed in the future with middle school level equipment. A HUGE THANK YOU goes to the many donors involved: Carrie Hanenberg's Wellness grant, CES PTO, Home Depot, Allied Building Products of Pueblo, Sean Murphy & the CCHS Carpentry department, and Canon City Schools maintenance department.  Along with the donors, CES student council and School Board member Shad Johnson were present.