Together, the voters, the letter writers, Senator Grantham, Senator Donovan and Representative Wilson helped to make difference through House Bill 15-1321; a bill which provides flexibility and funding for small school districts.  Because of this bill, kids in small towns will have better schools, technology, and educational programs.  Today we get to witness this bill becoming a law!  

Canon Exploratory's 5/6th grade took a bike ride in Mrs. Hanenberg's PE class.  25 mountain bikes and helmets we purchased as a Fremont County Physical Education grant.
 Pictured is Mrs. Andrew's class.
Bike safety and life time family activity were the focus of this bike unit! The students rode up Washington street to the opening of the Hog back trail system.  They rode on the new trail system before returning to CES.
5/6th grade BIKE TRIP!  It was a BLAST! After 1 pedal broke, 1 tire came off rim, and 1 chain broke, WE ARE ALIVE!

Thank you Leslie Husted for coming along to help!

CES 7th grade received a grant from Whole Foods to install an edible community garden.  The garden will be located on the west side of the building and will be made up of 5 raised beds.  These beds will be designed for raising a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruit and edible flowers.  Part of the garden area will be dedicated to composting as well.  Each raised bed will be adopted by one our school communities.  Eventually, we will partner with community members to adopt the beds so that they can grow their own edibles.

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