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Digital Citizenship

Tips and Help for Parents Educating Their Children about Online Safety, Setting Guidelines, and More!


CES Middle School Update 8/25/15: 

Class hours 7:45am - 2:45pm  (Please pick up promptly 2:45pm)

Tardy bell 7:50 am

Delayed start 9:45 am

Early Dismissal 11:10 am

CES Elementary School (K - 6th grade)

Class hours 8:10 am - 2:50 pm

Tardy bell 8:15 am

Delayed start 10:10 am

Early Dismissal 11:15 am


CES Wins Battle of the Books

On Thursday, May 12th, the CES Battel of the Books Team including Brendan Chavz, Alex Myer, Makayla Cumbie, Oscar Hartman, Quincy Alcaraz, and Grace Comstock won 1st place at the Battel of the Books Competition at Harrison School. To win Battel of the Books, your team must get the most points out of 8 rounds. One round relay where your team runs and answers 24 questions and time stops when a team has completed all 24 questions. Five rounds of Family Feud which is pretty self-explanatory as it resembles Steve Harvey popular 90’s TV show. Next there’s a Wiz Kid round, where players run up and write down answers. The last round is Super Challenge and that is where players pop up and answer questions. Overall it was great time!

By Oscar Hartman

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