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Lincoln School of Science & Technology

Super Science Friday - "Planet Earth"

Friday, February 20, 2015 

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students worked in multi-age groups using hands-on earth models.  Learning outcomes for students included:

  • Understand the basic structure of the Earth’s interior.
  • Investigate the changes in the Earth’s crust using the knowledge of plate tectonics.
  • Use evidence to make a scientific prediction of how the Earth’s surface may look in the future.


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Lincoln School of Science & Technology

2nd grade students begin work on the school’s “Outdoor 5 Senses Garden”


A special thank you to the Jared Polis Foundation for the $5,000.00 grant to extend science learning from the classroom to the outdoors!  Other donations and volunteers are: 

Brian Brewer and Jose Marquez (Asplundh Tree Expert), Beth Lippis(Elm Street Greenhouse), 

Richard Jantz, Ron Watters, Doug Moore, and Sid Myers 

Lincoln School of Science & Technology-

Quality education with an emphasis in :

  • Hands-on science
  • Outdoor Scientific Investigations
  • Interactive Technolgy using

Eeepads (each student 3-5th Grades)

 Eeepads (small groups K-2nd Grades)

 Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom

  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Small school family enviroment






 Cooperative Games Day - May 2015

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Lincoln Students participate in the Canon City Music & Blossom Festival 5K run!

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What a sight!What an experience!We’d say, “Mission accomplished.”Thank you “Colorado Joint Counterdrug Task Force”, “Canon City Fire Department”, and “Boys & Girls Club of Fremont County”, Coalition Support, for this great learning opportunity. +Click here for more pictures




Students with Significant Needs Receive Donation from Canon City Rotary Club

The Students with Significant Needs (SSN) program at the Lincoln School of Science & Technology received a donation from the Canon City Rotary Club. Ms. Tammy L. DeWolfe, principal at Lincoln School, and Mrs. Sarah Lobato, SSN teacher, stated the funds will be used to purchase two iPads and a communication software application to help non-verbal students “talk” to their teachers and classmates.  Rotary Club member Eric Feuerstein arranged to have  Dr. Mark L. Guthmiller, school psychologist and case manager for the SSN program, speak about the program during one of the club’s weekly meetings in March.  Thom Ledoux, Rotary Club President, facilitated a discussion regarding the possibility of making a donation following the presentation.  The club’s members subsequently determined they would make a financial contribution to the SSN program.  The Rotary Club’s donation was received by Lincoln School and the students now have an assistive technology device that will significantly improve their communication capabilities and skills.