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CC Helpers

Students from the CC Helpers brainstormed ideas for their club. Some ideas were pretty sweet. The club will meet every Tuesday in the ITC center. All 3rd -5th grade students are welcome. They just need to get a permission slip filled out. The next meeting students will decide on class representatives.


 Health & Wellness News!!!

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This little visitor was hanging out early Monday morning.

Mr. England got a quick photo before he flew away.

Now that's science!

 Picture furninshed by Stephanie Summers


 100 mile club and Walk/Bike to School Day information

went home 9/24/15, click here to read.


The 4th grade went on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad on Thursday, September 24, 2015! The Royal Gorge Route donated rides to all of the 4th grade students in Canon City, Colorado. Thank-you very much to the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. It was a blast!


Thank-you to the District Health and Wellness team and Jim Hullihan for bringing a Movtivational Media Assembly to Lincoln. One of the messages today was, "It's not how old you are it's how great you are!"

You might about your student what challenge they were asked to consider.



These students are working with their gifted and talented teacher, Mrs. Lacey LeDoux in the library. Their project is to come up with restaurant menu items.

Have you heard of Cha-Cha Chicken Nuggets,

Fox Trot Fries or Belly Dancing Bananna Slices?

.....Make mine The Moonwalk Mango!



 Superintendent George Welsh takes a moment to listen to a student read.


 Thrilling Thursday at Four Mile Golf Club Ranch

 Lincoln School of Science & Technology would like to sincerely thank Billy Bernhardt of Four Mile Ranch Golf Club, Jeff Perkins and Joe Patrick for working with our Health & Wellness Team on September 17, 2015.We felt very privileged to have Jeff Perkins and Joe Patrick teaching some of the basics of golf to a small group of students. This exposure and instruction into the world of golf could be life changing. All of these gentlemen gave of their time and we appreciated it!


Do you see what I see?

Afternoon instruction in the science lab.


This student won a watermelon for answering a challenge Mr. England put to students. The challenge was what was a volunteer plant? This volunteer plant actually produced two watermelons! Staff enjoyed some delicious watermelon this morning! Thanks Mr. England for not pulling this voluteer vine.


Mr. England instructs students before school in the Laws of Motion.


Instruction about the different areas in the Library.


  This class is preparing to work on terrariums in the science lab. 

Students watering the Five Senses Garden. 


 This student wondered if the pointed rock could be a fossil?


Hey kids, what is the difference between these two?

Second grade students working in the science lab. 


What kind of caterpillar is this?


Second grade students provide water for the butterflies in their butterfly garden.


 Learning about weather.





Instruction on interactive white boards. All classes have this technology.

Picture Day Information. Pictures were taken 9/8/15.

Picture Day ID: CG315518Y0
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