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 Lincoln School of Science & Technology

Working in the Audobon Garden



 Problem Solving & Teamwork









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Super Science Friday - "Planet Earth"

Friday, February 20, 2015 

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students worked in multi-age groups using hands-on earth models.  Learning outcomes for students included:

  • Understand the basic structure of the Earth’s interior.
  • Investigate the changes in the Earth’s crust using the knowledge of plate tectonics.
  • Use evidence to make a scientific prediction of how the Earth’s surface may look in the future.

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Lincoln School of Science & Technology

2nd grade students begin work on the school’s “Outdoor 5 Senses Garden”


A special thank you to the Jared Polis Foundation for the $5,000.00 grant to extend science learning from the classroom to the outdoors!  Other donations and volunteers are: 

Brian Brewer and Jose Marquez (Asplundh Tree Expert), Beth Lippis(Elm Street Greenhouse), 

Richard Jantz, Ron Watters, Doug Moore, and Sid Myers 

Lincoln School of Science & Technology-

Quality education with an emphasis in :

  • Hands-on science
  • Outdoor Scientific Investigations
  • Interactive Technolgy using

Eeepads (each student 3-5th Grades)

 Eeepads (small groups K-2nd Grades)

 Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom

  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Small school family enviroment






 Cooperative Games Day - May 2015

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