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March 11, 2019 - Cañon City Board of Education Voted 4-1 to Approve New Hybrid Calendar

The calendar is seven instructional days shorter than what we have traditionally developed. However, by increasing each school day fifteen minutes, it meets all requirements set forth by the Colorado Department of Education for student-teacher contact time and to maintain what is defined as a 5-day school week calendar.
The main purpose of this work is to place Cañon City Schools in a better position to compete with surrounding school districts when hiring staff, all of which now operate on a 4-day school week. In bringing forth this proposal, it is the primary desire of the district to strike a delicate balance between what is attractive to adults, and what is best for its children.
To help community members better understand these proposed calendar changes, here are some basic facts:
-The first day of school will take place on Monday, August 19th. This is similar to what we have done most years.
-All royal blue colored days on the calendar will be two-hour early release days designated for building or district level staff development. On these days students will arrive at their normal time in the morning, have the opportunity to learn and participate in both the school breakfast and lunch program, then release for home at approximately 1 PM.
-On all yellow colored days on the calendar there will be no school for students and instructional staff will not be required to work.
-The last day of school takes place on Friday, May 22nd. This is also similar to what we have done most years.
In comparing this year’s calendar to the proposal for next year:
-This year's calendar has 168 student-teacher contact days. Our proposed calendar has 161.
-The length of this year's grade 6-12 school day is 395 minutes. This proposed calendar has a 410 minute day, 15 minutes longer than current.
-Colorado requires 1,080 hours of student-teacher contact time in grades 6-12 (24 hours of which can be professional development time). This year's calendar, minus snow days, has just over 1,080 hours. Our proposed calendar for next year also has just over 1,080 hours.
Details surrounding school start times and the specific length of the K-5 school day still need to be answered. Much of this will be driven by our transportation schedule and all start and end times will be as close to what we currently have as we can manage.
This calendar was approved during the March 11th Board Meeting.