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Gaggle Notifications

For those who didn't know, Gaggle is a service we subscribe to that constantly monitors our student Google platform products, including, slideshow presentations, Gmail, and pretty much anything a child can download and store in their district managed

Gaggle alerts us to content that may indicate a student is not doing well on the social-emotional front, is bullying another student or is being bullied, is indicating a desire to act out in a violent fashion, or is accessing content not appropriate for their consumption.

When an administrator investigates a Gaggle notification, nine times out of ten he or she finds the student may have used language or terms in the course of a regular classroom assignment that raised red flags in the Gaggle system.

However, once in a while we find the Gaggle notification indicates a student is truly in need, and when this happens we mobilize the resources needed to support that child.

Just so you know!