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Lincoln School of Science & Technology Students Visit Desert Canyon Farms

Lincoln School students learn firsthand how a farm works during field trip

Instead of sitting in a classroom to learn about how a farm works, students at Lincoln School of Science & Technology visited a farm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to see first-hand how it operates.

“This is an opportunity for the kids to get hands-on experience in a rural lifestyle,” said Tammi Hartung, owner and operator of Desert Canyon Farm. “We live in a country town, a rural town, but still most of our kids are detached from nature. They hear about it at school and read about it books, but this is an opportunity for them to get out there and see it, touch it, smell it.”

Garrett Olguin, principal at the school, said the students participated in a school-wide field trip. The students came in rotations to Desert Canyon Farm.

“Today (Wednesday) we have first grade right now at the farm and we are learning about science and how it affects the food we eat and how the farm works in general,” he said. “The kids have learned so far that this is an organic farm and how that makes it different from a normal farm. They’ve learned why the wildlife on the farm is important, they’ve learned how the bugs work in the flower fields and why the seeds are important in the flower fields.”

There were different projects depending on age.

“We have first graders that are planting some smaller plants,” he said. “Yesterday we had older kids, fifth graders, that planted seeds instead of plants. Right now we have another group, the other half of the first-grade group in the flower fields right now observing insects and recording in their journals pictures and notes about the insects and small animals that they are seeing.”

The school decided during the last school year to take this trip.

“It’s a tradition for Lincoln School to do a school-wide field trip once a year,” Olguin said. “It was decided last year to partner with Desert Canyon Farm and bring our kids here this year for the science focus since we are the school of science and technology.”

The partnership between the school and the farm began before the field trip.

“This month they are providing us with newsletters and information about what’s going on in the farm so we can incorporate it into our science lessons in the school,” Olguin said. “The farm has provided us peaches for all the kids in the school for a snack. They brought us 300 peaches for the kids to eat. We’ve had a great partnership. They’ve been outstanding.”