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Canon City Schools Snow Days

Please, please, please, READ the article before you comment, and if you’d like to know how we make these decisions, keep reading below:

Should we find ourselves needing to cancel or delay the start of school because of snow or extreme cold, our goal will be to do our best to make a decision by 4 AM in order to keep our nutrition services staff off the roads. When we have a cancellation or a delayed start, we spread the word in a variety of ways.

-First, we send an all-staff email announcing our decisions and then submit this information to the Flash Alert system, which will post our status on our web-page and share it with local TV and radio stations.

-Next, we employ our automatic dialing system to call or text staff and parents when an official announcement is made. As a parent, please remember you won't be reached by our auto-dialer if we don't have your current phone number

-Finally, we post our status to our district social media pages.

As a final reminder, whether we cancel school or delay our start, we expect each of our families to focus on their personal safety. If we have made a bad decision by not calling off school when we should have, we encourage you to use your personal judgment. If the roads in your neighborhood are not navigable, please just stay home. If you make a personal decision to keep your children home, we'll take this into account when we mark children absent.