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Safer Solutions for Music in Elementary

Your student’s safety and education are very important to us. Over the summer a nationally
supported research study was released to help schools plan how we can safely allow your
student to participate in musical activities, such as singing and playing band instruments. Here
is what the district plans to do to make sure music classes are both fun and safe for all
General Music
  • All students who choose to sing must wear a facemask while doing so
    • Students who do not have a mask will be given a different way to participate
  • K-4 students will NOT be asked to wear a mask at any other times
  • When weather permits, music class will be outside as needed
  • Social distancing and sanitizing procedures will be used
  • Band Students interested in participating in band class will still have this opportunity
  • All wind instruments will be offered after restrictions are lifted such as flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone
  • Students who choose to participate will focus on pre-band skills such as reading music, learning about band instruments, and practicing techniques.
  • Students will play non-wind instruments such as drums, xylophones, and ukuleles
  • If interested, please contact your school’s music teacher

  • We are so excited to see your student’s face and begin making music once again! We
    understand that this year will look a little different but with a little tenacity we will make this a
    great year. We thank you for supporting music in your student’s life.
    Musically yours,
Misty Sipma
McKinley Elementary
Lincoln School of Science and Technology
Harrison Elementary
Washington Elementary