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Parent Update - Wednesday, March 14th Lockout

We also modified the student walkout at Canon City High School. This was as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of our staff and students.  We lifted the LOCKOUT at approximately 11:45 am, at which time we received a Safe 2 Tell tip that there was a dangerous weapon at Harrison school.

Because of the tip, Mountain View Core Knowledge remained on LOCKOUT and Harrison remained on LOCKOUT coupled with a HOLD IN PLACE status to limit movement in the building while we began a systematic search of the school.  At all times, students were safe with our dedicated teachers and support staff.

We ended our search at approximately 2:30 pm and are glad to report that no weapon was found.

In these types of events, we ask parents to please not come to the school so that we can focus our full attention on the continued safety the students. Because we know parents will be anxious and scared, we do encourage students to text their parents on their cell phones to keep parents updated of their safety.