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Travel and Spring Break - New COVID -19 Resources - Posted March 12, 2020

 Knowing, spring break is upon us, we realize many of you may have travel plans.  Some of these may include trips to parts of the country that are experiencing high instances of COVID-19 already.  Some of you may even have plans to travel out of the country.  We all have the right and responsibility to make our own decisions and take the precautions that we believe are best for our health and that of our families and we are in no way asking you to change your plans.  We simply encourage you to access the resources provided in the links below.  If you go to a place that could put you and your family highly at risk we encourage you to be extremely thoughtful about your child(rens) return to school. This is a great resource detailing such steps -  Simply stated, we wish to avoid placing students/staff who may have been infected during their break in close proximity to the rest of the staff and our children.