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Coronovirus COVID-19 » Important Stay At Home Order Information For K-12 Families - Posted March 26

Important Stay At Home Order Information For K-12 Families - Posted March 26

We are sharing this communication to help you understand it is OK for you to leave your household to collect items related to your child's education.
Governor Polis' Stay at Home order is designed to encourage people to stay out of public places and to increase social distancing.
Within the order itself, the Governor states "travel is necessary for any of the following purposes:"
(1) providing or accessing necessary Activities, Minimum Basic Operations, Critical Government Functions, and Critical Businesses;
(2) receiving materials for distance learning, for receiving meals, and any other related services from educational institutions;
(3) returning to a place of residence from outside the jurisdiction;
(4) travel required by law enforcement or court order;
(5) non-residents returning to their place of residence.

As you can see, item #2 makes it clear you are welcome to come to a school to pick up items related to your child's continuing education.  
Each of our schools is reaching out to their parents about this distribution of materials process.  All we ask is that you wait to hear from them about how and when you can pick up your child's materials, you follow their directions, and you practice social distancing when you pick them up.  
If you have not yet heard from your school yet, or have questions about all of this, please email us at and we'll return your message.  
Thank you!