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Our Mission / About Us


The Mission of School District Fremont RE-1 is to develop compassionate, responsible, independent, and productive citizens through a quality education for students, provided in a safe environment for students and staff.

Each and every day, examples of this mission statement happen and bring the statement to life.  Cañon City students are the beneficiaries of a quality curriculum, presented by qualified and caring professionals.  The result is young people who demonstrate concern for others, and take positive actions that benefit our community.

As a district, our efforts are focused into three areas.  The first area is high academic achievement.  Our goals clustered around this area target improved readiness for kindergarten, achieving a 25% increase in CSAP scores over three years, achieving an 85% proficiency rate for Third graders in reading for three successive years, and achieving a 10% improvement in the graduation rate.  These goals, while challenging, are doable and will give youngsters the ability to complete their education in Cañon City and follow a successful path in the adult world.

Our second area of focus is the accomplishment of a safe, clean, orderly, and healthy environment.  The goal in this area is to achieve a 10% increase in the numbers of students who exhibit the behavior traits associated with our mission statement.  While not identified as a goal, other actions associated with this area center around assuring the safety and security of students and staff, while also providing clean and healthy facilities.

Our third area of focus is the effectiveness and efficiency of the various systems that comprise Cañon City Schools.  During this year, we will be conducting a number of customer surveys designed to tell us how well we are doing and where we can improve.  Honest feedback will assist us in making our district even stronger.  Also part of this area of interest is the goal of increasing our total per pupil revenue.  Through the pursuit of grants and partnerships, we intend to increase the total amount of actual fiscal resources available to educate our students.

By channeling our energy and resources in the above-mentioned areas, we believe that the youngsters attending our schools will be better able to achieve the expectations of our mission statement.  The school board joins with the staff in encouraging the participation of all of our stakeholders as we prepare this community’s young people for the future.