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Safety - In The News

The efforts of a distict staff team in writing a safety and secuity grant recently resulted in the award of $514,000 from the Department of Homelad Security to our district to enhance our emergency communications and physical security of our campus's and busses. With the grant funds we were able to do the following:
  • Purchase and upgrade several hundred interior and exterior high grade cameras. All of district buildings are now under 24 hour survelliance. 
  • Add another 250 radios to our district communication system. We now have an inventory of almost 500 state of the art radios that allow us to easily, effectively and quickly communicate on a daily basis as well as during an emergency. This communication is vital in expediting responses from first responders.
  • Add Stop Arm cameras to all of our school buses. Stop-arm cameras automatically capture stop-arm violation events and tagging them with relevant details such as date, time and GPS co-ordinates required for law enforcement review. The installation of these cameras enhances driver and student safety by allowing the driver to stay focused on the safe loading and off loading of students.
  • Lastly, we were able to purchase various safety equipment for our campus such as enhanced classroom locking systems, safety vests and vital training for personnel.

    Thousands of school districts across North America rely on Seon to protect students inside the bus, but investing in student safety outside the bus is just as important. According to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation (NASDPTS) 3rd annual stop-arm survey, 85,279 vehicles passed a stopped school bus in a single day.

    Find out how you can add stop-arm cameras to any Seon camera system with minimal investment:

    • Stop-arm violations trigger event recording without driver intervention
    • Capture license plate numbers of violators in high-definition
    • Tag video evidence with date, time, and GPS location
    • Download stop-arm events automatically via WiFi

Emergency kits with essentials to allow a class of 30 people to get through an extended emergency/lockdown situation have been distributed to each classroom in the district. These kits were the next step to ensure our students are safe and able to take care of their needs in an extended emergency situation. We are asking all staff members to review SOP 415A and watch a short training video that is posted on the staff website, Spectrum. Both of these resources will give you the information needed regarding the use of these kits.

A special thank you to our local Colorado Dept. of Corrections for their generous donation that made the purchase of these kits possible.