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School Safety in Cañon City

School Bus Safety

Nationally there has been recent heartbreaking and tragic events that have occurred for school transportation industry, the students that are transported, and their loved ones.  Over 480,000 school buses nationwide transport students daily and although operators are consistently trained on safe loading and unloading procedures, they are unable to control other vehicles on the roadway. Please help us keep our kids safe by reviewing the one minute video and safety tips provided on the link below and don't hesitate to report unsafe or illegal actions you observe at or around bus stops.

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School Resource Officers Play An Important Part In School Safety and Security

At Cañon City Schools, one of our main safety/security goals is to enhance efforts to not only respond to potential acts of violence but more so to harden our targets and implement preventive measures that can lessen the likelihood of a violent act taking place on a school campus. School Resource Officers are a valuable and necessary addition to enhance the safety and security of our schools. Their role is to support the existing safety and security structure while offering enhanced protection, response, education and counseling of students. To assist our district in the utilization of our SRO’s the following guidelines have been developed in cooperation with the Cañon City Police Department.

The Role of the School Resource Officer:

  • To be visible on campuses throughout the school district as much as possible.

  • To be an active law enforcement presence ready to address any criminal related matters that occur on school property or at school events.

  • Provide timely response to incidents that compromise the safety of students, staff and the school.

  • Assist school personnel, as appropriate, to ensure the safety of students, staff, and facilities.

  • Offer a positive connection between the Police Department, students, parents, school administration and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Focus on educating students on safety issues and the law, and provide law enforcement services when necessary.

  • Provide coordinated grade level appropriate instruction in lessons that promote law related education, to include but not limited to conflict resolution, restorative justice, crime awareness, and crime prevention and safety.  

  • Act as a helpful legal resource and positive role model for students, parents, and staff.

  • Make referrals to appropriate school personnel for problems related to enforcement of school rules.

  • Attend monthly District Safety Committee meetings.

  • Manage input of follow-up information into the Safe2Tell system, in a timely manner, when a report has been received and responded to by the CCPD.  

Our District Safety Committee (DSC) meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month during the school year.

Canon City Schools District Safety Committee
To create a cooperative effort to communicate and promote safety, health and security in our workplace. We will jointly make recommendations for improvements regarding safety and work to detect and correct workplace hazards, reduce injuries, improve and sustain building security and increase overall safety awareness.

The DSC is comprised of staff members from all across the district who hold a number of different positions. The diversity of this group is what makes the DSC effective as we continue to enhance and unify our safety and security procedures through out the district. We encourage other staff members to communicate with their buildings DSC member regarding safety and security within their buildings.

The Cañon City School Board of Education recognizes that effective learning and teaching takes place in a safe, secure and welcoming environment and that safe schools contribute to improved attendance, increased student achievement and community support. To that end, the Cañon City School District is committed to creating a unified, systematic and consistent approach to provide a safe, welcoming environment for students, staff members, and visitors. All administrators are trained in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Training using resources provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Select individuals serving on the District Safety Committee and Building Safety and Emergency Response Teams have participated in specialized training and the school district offers a variety of ongoing training for students and staff members to prepare them to respond to a variety of emergency situations. We work collaboratively with our community agencies to improve communication and interoperability so that we are well prepared to work together when required in an emergency situation. Additionally, we have established a consistent structure that includes expectations and procedures to assure effectiveness of our district and building level teams.


This committee is comprised of a group of employees, law enforcement, community members and first responders who value the safety and well-being of our students, staff and facilities. They meet monthly throughout the school year to review and update existing plans and practices. This committee provides an effective way to improve safety behavior, performance and security in our schools with the established purpose to support:


The Building Safety and Emergency Response Teams (BSERT) are separate and different from the District Safety Committee although some staff members are on both. The BSERT is comprised of 5-8 building level members at each school and they work to reduce hazardous conditions, unsafe work practices, investigate safety and security concerns and are trained to act as their building’s emergency response team in the event of an emergency. The established purpose of the BSERT is:

To be responsible for working jointly with stakeholders at the building level to actively promote a safe and secure building environment for our staff and students as well as providing immediate response to a building emergency


One of the core elements of a successful school safety program is a strong communications system. In Cañon City we were able to combine grant funds and other resources to recently upgrade our radio communication system. Key personnel in every building are now equipped with state of the art radios to enhance their daily communications in their efforts to keep our schools safe and secure. Our radio interoperability with law enforcement also raises our ability to communicate quickly with first responders in the event of an emergency.

  • To support our schools and community in creating a safe, healthy, secure, and positive school climate for Canon City Schools staff and students.
  • To create a safe, healthy and secure environment for our students, staff and the public.
  • To develop a positive safety culture in which members care enough about each other, themselves, students and the community to commit to conducting our day free from injuries and illnesses and public hazards.
  • Create and maintain a school climate and learning environment that is safe for, respectful of, friendly toward and responsive to students, staff and families
  • Create a cooperative effort to communicate and promote safety, health and security in our workplace. We will make recommendations for improvements regarding safety and work jointly to detect and correct workplace hazards, reduce injuries and illness, improve and sustain building security and increase overall safety awareness.
  • According to the legislation, the purpose of the school safety team is to develop, foster, and maintain a positive school climate.