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School Times/Early Dismissal Times

TIME SCHEDULES 2018-2019 (Subject to change)

Canon City High School
Start time: 7:35 am
Delayed start 9:35 am
End Time: 2:50 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 10:50 am

Canon City Middle School
Start time: 1st Bell 7:30 am
School Starts at 7:35 am
End Time: 2:40 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 10:50 am

Harrison (Grades 6-8)
Start time: 7:55 am
Delayed start 9:55 am
End Time: 3:05 PM
Early Dismissal End Time: 11:10am

Harrison (Grades K-5)
Start time: 8:20 am
Delayed start 10:20 am
End Time: 3:00 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 11:10 am

Canon Exploratory School (Grades K-6th)
Start time: 8:05 am
Tardy at 8:15 am
Delayed start 10:05 am
End Time: 3:00 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 11:15 am

Canon Exploratory School (Grades 7-8th)
Start time: 7:45 am
Delayed start 9:45 am
End Time: 2:55 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 11:10 am

Lincoln School of Science & Technology
Start time: 8:25 am
End Time: 3:20 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 11:25 am

McKinley Elementary School
Start time: 8:40 am
Delayed start 10:40 am
End Time: 3:35 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 11:50 am

Mountain View Core Knowledge School
Start time: 7:40 am Monday - Thursday
End Time: 3:45 pm Monday - Thursday
Early Dismissal: End Time: 11:30 am

Washington Elementary School
Start time: 8:10 am
Delayed start 10:10 am
End Time: 3:00 pm
Early Dismissal End Time: 11:10 am