Campus Portal Family

Parent App

Parents can download the Parent App that gives them information on:

  • Message Center - Teacher messages, School Announcements, District Announcements, Inbox messages
  • Students - Navigate between students by clicking on their name in the right top corner.
  • Today - Assignments due today, due tomorrow, and a schedule list
  • Weekly Overview - Assignments for the week with a nice button to navigate from week to week.
  • Assignments - when they are due, missing
  • Grades - In-progress grades, final grades and assignment grades
  • Grade Book Updates  - Show recent scores and updates that the teacher has entered.  (Teachers keep those grade books up to dates, really helpful for parents.)
  • Attendance - Information on their attendance
  • Schedule - T1-T3, Q1-Q4 Schedule information
  • Reports - View transcripts and report cards
  • Message Center - Teacher messages, School Announcements, District Announcements, Inbox messages
  • More - Parents can view and edit/update (Parents can edit and update, this feature is new with this app) their address information, Demographic information, non household relationships, Family Contact information, Locker information, Important Dates, Permissions for Health, School website links
  • Settings - Control how they want to be notified (via text, phone, or email for Assignment scores, grade updates or attendance.)

Key Points - Things To Know Before Using The Parent Portal If you need help in accessing or using Canon City Schools' Parent Portal, please contact your child's school for assistance.

  1. Access to all children information within the household who attend Canon City Schools will be available to the parent via the Parent Portal upon successful account setup and login.
  2. Allow 2 weeks (after the date they are turned in) for teachers to post grades for assignments visible in the Parent Portal.
  3. Attendance information will be updated on a daily basis and will be posted no later than 12:00 AM (midnight) of the day after attendance was taken.
  4. Keep your user name and passwords secure.  Do not allow others to use your user name and password.
  5. Teachers can be contacted via the e-mail links in the Parent Portal.  Please be kind, courteous, and respectful.
  6. Log off of the Parent Portal session when you are finished.
  7. Student data will only be accessible for the current year.  Previous school year data will not be available.