Superintendent's Message - 12/1/2020

At the Cañon City School District our vision is Learning for life!

We believe a child’s educational experiences must be relevant to their future. We strive for this by attracting the most amazing people in education, and offering parents a choice in education models. Whatever the delivery method, our people operate from the core belief that with our support every child is capable learning, growing, and realizing their potential. To realize this vision, we are focused on four improvement initiatives.

At the kindergarten through 5th grade level our focus is on improving reading and math learning experiences for children. To do this we are purchasing, training, and supporting teachers to effectively implement updated resources. However, we know books do not teach our children. Our greatest focus is on supporting teachers to grow in their use of a variety of instruction and intervention strategies. Through this process principals and literacy coordinator coaches are supporting staff in the transition to new reading and math materials while also implementing newly acquired Lindamood-Bell whole group and small group intervention strategies. Why is this work important? Ensuring each child can read or compute numbers at or above grade level as early as possible allows them to fully access our curriculum, fully participate in learning activities and, most importantly, to leave school each day with the tools needed to continue to learn and grow in their personal areas of interest.

Our focus in grades 6-12 is the implementation of a career pathways model to prepare students for college and career opportunities. Cañon City School District grade 6-12 staff is putting into practice ideas envisioned by our Cañon 20-20 committee. These offer student opportunities to explore strengths and weaknesses and areas of personal interest. Secondary educators are guiding children to explore career options through hands on internships and apprenticeships and instructional pathways relevant to each student’s personal vision.

Thanks to passage of a mill override, by 2021 every Cañon City student will have access to a personal technology device to support daily learning and acquisition of 21st Century employment skills. This process will begin at the high school in fall 2018, expand to grade 6-12 in 2019, and be completed at the elementary level by the 2021 school year.

Our final area of focus has been engaging the Cañon City community to develop long-term facilities solutions. This led to passage of a school bond question in fall 2017. This has given us an opportunity to replace two aging facilities and upgrade the rest. In Cañon City Schools we believe outstanding learning experiences begin the moment a child walks through the doors of a school building. We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide students and staff with facilities worthy of this core belief.

The Cañon City Fremont County RE-1 School District, like any organization, faces many challenges. We look to them as opportunities to grow.

Thank you for trusting us with the education of your children!

George S. Welsh
Superintendent of Schools