Allie Cosper

It is no surprise that you are the recipient of this award because you are so deserving of this accomplishment. If I could clone a million of you, I would!  I truly appreciate your dedication to your academics and your caring and kind personality.  Our world could use so many more people like you in it.  Your impeccable work ethic and benevolent personality make you the epitome of what an amazing individual is.   I have really enjoyed getting to read the amazing responses that you write with such detail and precision, from the beginning of the year to now. Thank you for consistently putting forth the high-quality effort and challenging yourself to always do your best.  I couldn't be more proud of the amazing young lady you have become.  I can’t wait to see what fabulous accomplishments you achieve, trust me I will be watching, lol.  Thank you for always being so polite, kind and caring-you are a true joy to have in class, I will miss you terribly next year.

Mrs. Price - 8th-grade ELA

Matthew Cruz

Matthew Cruz has earned Student of the Month for 7th grade math! Matthew is an excellent role model. I can count on Matthew to always give his best on any task given. He is always honest, prepared, positive, as well as determined. Matthew is a student who represents S.O.A.R. daily. He strives for success and wants his knowledge to expand. Matthew always takes ownership for his actions. Never has he been disrespectful to the adults or another student. Matthew is actually one of the only students that has asked me to help him understand his STAR testing scores. He wants to know exactly what areas he struggles with in order to improve and keep excelling in math! For a 7th grade student to take this type of ownership is AMAZING!!! Matthew, you are an amazing individual and I want you to always remember that you are going to go as far as you desire in life. Always keep your positive attitude and determination. I am proud of you and your accomplishments this year! 

Ms. Barry - 7th-grade Math

Lucy Gamache

Representing the art department this month, Lucy Gamache is a brilliant hard-working talented young lady. In this assignment, she researched phrases or idioms, selected one then experimented and practiced how to draw images that would represent that phrase. With quiet intensity she combined various media to create rich color depth. We are blessed to have this young lady in our classrooms as she is truly a diamond.

Mr. Vetter - Art


Kiana Guion

Kiana is a pleasure to have in class. She shares her experiences which enrich our lessons. She is attentive, completes her work and usually has things to share. She’s been great to have in Choices. 

Ms. Miller - CHOICES



Lacy Hagenau

Ms. Lacy Hagenau is an incredible young lady. In class, she works very hard and never minds a challenge. She excels in her classwork and always has a positive attitude. However, as amazing as she is in class, what really stands out when you meet Lacy is her heart. She is willing to help anyone at any time. I can always count on her to lift my spirits and help others without having to ask. Lacy is a pure delight! I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Congratulations my darling!

Mrs. Browning - 6th-grade Science


Taylor Hand

Taylor, Congratulations on your nomination for ‘Student of the Month’!  I really appreciate the way you shine!  You shine with the expression in your eyes, how you interact with others, with your work ethic, and how you feel about yourself!  Taylor, you are such a great example for others to emulate.  I just adore you and wish you the best in your future school career!

Mrs. Jones - 6th-grade ELA



Blayke Hansen

Oh man, You are such an incredible young man! You have intelligence, a kind heart, a beautiful spirit, and my favorite, that sense of humor! You are just an all-around amazing student and one of my favorite humans! Congratulations! You deserve this honor!

Mr. Miller - 6th-grade Social Studies



Brooke Hiltz 

Congratulations on being awarded Student of the Month for history! I would like to commend you on your award and the traits you exhibit that helped you earn this honor. You exemplify everything we as teachers look for in a student: hard work, positive attitude, and an outgoing personality. Thank you for brightening up our day with your cheerfulness and work ethic. Keep it up!

Mr. Brown - 8th-grade American History



Caspian Hurst

Caspian Hurst is an amazing young man!  Smart, hard-working, respectful, enthusiastic, and responsible, Caspian has all the traits teachers love to see in their students.  He is great at participating in class discussions and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to both his peers and his teachers.  Caspian is kind and works well with anyone you put him with.  The thing I love most about Caspian though is his desire to always become a better version of himself.  He is always striving for excellence...academically, socially and personally.  This drive will propel him into the amazing future he deserves.  It has truly been an honor to have him in class this year!

Mrs. Day - 7th-grade Science


Emma Leftwich

I chose Emma Leftwich for my music student of the month! I feel she is deserving of this for multiple reasons. This quarter we have had the opportunity to offer band in a way that combines 7th and 8th grade students. Emma jumped right in by welcoming and interacting with the 7th graders. She works hard and leads by example when it comes to performance. Her dedication, hard work and attitude is not overlooked. Thank you Emma for being you!!

Mrs. Richardson - Music and Band


Caden Nimmo

I chose Caden as my because he really stands out in two different ways, and has impressed me a lot this year. The first reason Caden has earned Student of the Month is because of how kind, and caring of a student he is. Caden is one of the few students who will go out of their way to say good morning to his teachers, and treats every other student with respect and fairness. He can get along and work with any other student, without any problem. The second reason I am choosing Caden is because he is a student who really thinks about history, and seems to enjoy discovering new information about the past. It makes teaching so much more enjoyable when there are students who are interested in the topic, and like to learn about it. That definitely describes Caden. He is a student who asks good questions, thinks about what he learns, and can imagine what life would have been like 1000 years ago. There is nothing better than that to a history teacher. Congratulations Caden.

Mr. Keller - 7th-grade Social Studies

Joseph O’Neill

Joseph has taken on the challenges of learning new skills and the operation of machines with enthusiasm.  He is always ready to work and assists others in the class when they need it.  Joseph has demonstrated being a self-starter and a leader in collaborative tasks. Great job this month Joseph!

Mr. Daly - CTE




Alana Paulin

Congratulations on earning student of the month. Each day, you join your class with a great willingness to learn. Thank you for always participating in class and offering help to others when you can. Your dedication to your learning is admirable. Keep up the great work. Thank you for being such a great student!

Ms. King - 8th-grade Math



Earnest Rhodes

April PE student of the month is Ernie Rhodes.  Ernie loves to lift weights.  He is excited, motivated, works hard, asks clarifying questions about lifts, and just flat gets after it.  He is helpful to other students, helpful to me and always respectful to me and Mrs. Atwood.  I look forward to having Ernie in class everyday!  WIth his attitude and work ethic in the weight room Ernie is going to get strong.

Mr. Harms - Physical Education



Gavin Sayers

This month, I selected Gavin Sayers as the 7th-grade ELA Student of the Month. Gavin is a student who demonstrates consistency in class both in his work ethic and production. He demonstrates kindness and compassion through his collaboration with all peers. Gavin is not intimidated by errors but rather embraces them in order to challenge himself to improve both as a student and as a human being.  He truly SOARS every day. 

Mrs. Davidson - 7th-grade ELA


Chloe Seufer

Chloe showcases her drive for success in her attitude towards learning. As a seventh grade student she is already presenting independence when seeking solutions, self-motivation, and the ability to communicate effectively as she works.  Chloe, not many people your age know what they want to be when they grow up, that is okay.  YOU have plenty of time, but I know from all these years working with students, you have a strong skill set when combined with hardwork and dedication YOU can be anything you want.  YOU have the heart for social work, and the brains for engineering a brighter future for generations to come! 

All the best, 

Mrs. Miles - Computer Technology

Klowie Smith

Klowie Smith is a truly awesome kiddo and I have truly enjoyed teaching her this year.  I love how she embraces her individuality, walks to the beat of her own drum, and does her own thing.  But while doing her own thing, she keeps herself successful at the same time.  Klowie is a student who has a maturity and inner-strength about her that far exceeds most of her peers.  Because of who she is, and her well-maintained focus on success, Klowie is capable of anything she sets her mind to and I look forward to hearing about what greatness she achieves.  Congratulations on being awesome Klowie, and congrats on being Student of the Month.

Mrs. Lopez - 6th-grade Math


Ashlee Stafford 

Ashlee is always on time to class and she completes her work with great attention to detail. She is a joy to have in class, her sense of humor is a welcome relief to the monotony online class and I can always count on her to contribute to the class discussion in a meaningful way.

Mr. Michels - 8th-grade Science