Adryelle Albertson 

I would like to recognize Adryelle Albertson. 

Addy is relatively quiet however once you get to know her, she is an amazing student. She participates in Choices regularly and always has insightful comments related to the subject matter. She uses critical thinking skills to relate the lessons to her personal experiences and shares with the class even when she is feeling shy or nervous. She has been a great person to have in Choices both because of her relatability but also because of her positive attitude in class. She really has come out of her shell the last few weeks as she's become comfortable with the class and is doing an amazing job! Thanks Addy!   - Elizabeth Miller - CHOICES


Mylee Anderson

Mylee Anderson is a spectacular student to have in my online class!  Although Mylee is new to CCMS, she has already made a great impression.  She is polite, hard-working and responsible.   Always willing to participate in class discussions, Mylee’s desire to learn motivates her classmates to work harder and take risks.  Most importantly, though, Mylee is a kind-hearted individual.  She is always willing to help others, and it is obvious that she cares for the well-being of everyone around her.  It has truly been an honor to have her in class this year! -

Mrs. Day - 7th-grade Science


Jacob Ashton

Good jobby Jacob! Congrats on Student of the Month for History class. You have an amazing personality to have in class, and I especially enjoy your insane Blooket skills. You are a great addition to history class as you are always prepared and excited about learning U.S. History. Your enthusiasm is infectious to the class and I really appreciate the effort you put forth. Keep up the good work, bud.

Mr. Brown - 8th-grade History



Josh Barker

Josh is an awesome kid with a wonderful personality.  Josh  is a leader of our class.  He leads both by example and through his actions.  He is great to talk to and I love giving him grief just about anything. KC Chiefs!   Josh gives it right back and we have a good time with it. Keep being awesome Josh.

Mr. Harms - Physical Education



Aidan Bradow

What an easy choice for Student of the Month!  Some awesome qualities about you, Aidan… you’re quiet and are never needed to be redirected, you’re kind and I can seat you with anyone and know that you will work with them as a great partner, and you’re an extremely hard worker always having your assignments done on time staying on task in class.  You do all these things at a higher level than other students.  It’s this higher level of awesomeness that makes you such an easy choice for Student of the Month.

Mr Miller - 6th-grade Social Studies


 Savannah Cobler

February is often a very cold month, but this young lady has a smile that warms one's heart. For this reason and many more, Savannah Cobler is the 7th grade ELA Student of the Month. Regardless of any situation in class, text studied, or the group in which she is placed, Savannah demonstrates both kindness towards all peers, and focus towards excellence. She has been diligent in her desire to improve herself academically and as a friend. Savannah embraces these goals as her responsibility while also seeking assistance and advocating when she has a need. Watch out world; this girl is SOARing high!

 Mrs. Davidson - 7th-grade Language Arts


Daniel Day

The student I have nominated for Student of the Month in music is Daniel Day. Daniel has decided to try band again after taking a break and is excelling at it. He has a positive attitude and strives to do his best everyday! Thank you for your work Daniel! I am glad you chose to take this risk. 

Mrs. Richardson - Music



Daphne Dempsey

This is Daphne Dempsey the visual arts student of the month. Obviously this young lady has talent. However talent will only take young people so far before those with desire and intense work ethic will surpass talent. This young lady has no worries as her work ethic is unsurpassed; she has the skills and traits that will allow her to  be the cream of the crop. She is also full of kindness as well as one of the most polite people you wish to to cross paths with. She is such a special young lady and I am so blessed to have her in my classroom. Yea Daphne! 

Mr. Vetter - Visual Arts


Kiyanna Edmonds

Kiyanna Edmonds, does not attend my classes in person, she is an online student. I can't help but marvel at the fortitude of this young lady as she forges through fearlessly and champions online learning!  If I have three assignments turned in, I know she will be one of those three!  I wish I could nominate a few more of my online students who never fail, like Kiyanna to ask questions, try new things, and get their work in on time!  What a joy you have been to work with, I wish we could have had time in the class together. Congratulations, you earned Student of The Month for February, so proud of you!  

Mrs. Miles - Computers and Technology


Kielyn Hand

The student of the month for 8th Grade Math- February is Kielyn Hand. Kielyn is such a hard worker. She makes sure each assignment is top quality while also asking questions when she needs clarification. Along with her excellence in academics, Kielyn is a respectful, kind student that is such a joy to have in class. She is very deserving of this recognition! Congratulations Kielyn! Keep up the great work!

Ms. King - 8th-grade Math



Jill Hogan

Jill is a very hard working student. In class she can always be counted on to know exactly what we are learning about. Jills assignments are always done on time and with great attention to detail. Jill works well with others and is more than willing to take time and assist peers who may be struggling. Jill is a valuable asset to any class and can be counted on to contribute to a class discussion when others seem reluctant.

Mr. Michels - 8th-grade Science


Gwendolyn Hunter

Ms. Gwendolyn Hunter is an incredible young lady. She first started this year as an online student. While she was online, she was simply incredible! She completed her work on time and produced very high-quality work. She was helpful to others and just a joy to see every day. Well, Ms. Gwen came to in-person this month and just...WOW! She is even better in "real-life" than she was online! Gwen is a very bright young lady with an amazing future ahead of her. I simply adore you Gwenie!!! Keep being totally wonderful in every way!!!

Love, Mrs. Browning - 6th-grade Science


Zeke Martinez

Congratulations to Zeke Martinez on being my Student of the Month.  Zeke has shown tremendous growth and responsibility in the last quarter, and your teachers couldn't be more proud.  Zeke, you have become a leader in your class, someone others depend on and are learning from.  Continue to do great with the skills you have learned and strive for excellence always.  I am so proud of the individual you have become. 

Mrs. Price - 8th-grade Language Arts


Indigo Melvin

I am choosing the lovely and sweet Indigo Melvin as the 6th Grade Math Student of the Month.  I believe Indigo should be given a paid position within the district to teach online students how to be successful.  I've never met this young lady personally, only seen her through the screen.  But she is an absolute academic rock star!!  Very few students are able to be an online student as well as Indigo.  She is prompt and attentive in class and with all her assignments.  She communicates very well, either through the meetings or via email.  And she always leaves class with a sweet "Have a good day."  Even though I have never met Indigo, someday I hope that I will have the opportunity to give her a big hug and tell her how awesome she is.  Thanks for being so awesome Indi!!

Jade Lopez - 6th-grade Math


Kayden Montoya

I have chosen to recognize Kayden Montoya as the Student of the Month for 7th grade math. Kayden is a student that I can count on to come in prepared for class. Kayden is an exemplary student when it comes to getting his work completed and completed on time. He has the desire and passion to better himself through his education, and I love that he displays this quality! Kayden strives for the best in everything he does. He is respectful to his classmates as well as his teachers. Kayden is a kind hearted individual who has earned this recognition! 

 Kayden - Keep up the good work. I recognize and appreciate all that you do. I am proud to be your teacher and am very excited to watch you continue to grow over the next few months.

Ms. Barry - 7th-grade Math

Annabelle Moret

I chose Annabelle to be Student of the Month because she is a responsible, and hard working student. Annabelle is an online student, which can be very challenging. Being an online student takes a lot of responsibility and ownership to make sure that you attend class regularly, and get assignments done. Annabelle does all of these things. She is always friendly to me, and to other students who are in class with her.  She is a great example of what an online student should try to be. Annabelle is constantly asking questions so that she can learn more, and understand things at an even deeper level. I can really tell that Annabelle loves to learn, and really wants to be a top notch student. She works super hard to make sure that her assignments are something that she can be proud of. I could not be more proud of Annabelle, and am lucky to get to teach her about social studies this year.

Mr. Keller - 7th-grade Social Studies

Lorelei VanIwarden

Lorelei was chosen for Student of the Month because of her incredible kindness.  Just today, Lorelei asked me how she could help me and later, she saw me passing out papers and again said, "May I help"?  Lorelei is always kind to her peers as well.  She will work with anyone that is at her table. Because of her kindness, Lorelei is sought out by her peers.  Lorelei is truly a shining star amongst her classmates.  Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Jones - 6th-grade Language Arts


Landin Woodward

Landin  Woodward has demonstrated perseverance and good work ethic in completing his chair project.  He also utilized techniques to ensue that the project has a finished appearance and great functionality.  Landin also used collaboration with peers and has assisted peers in their own challenges with chair construction.

Great Job Landin!

Mr. Daly - CTE