Hayden Altenbaumer 

Oh man, You are such an incredible young man! You have intelligence, a kind heart, beautiful spirit, and my favorite, that sense of humor! You are just all around an amazing student and one of my favorite humans! Congratulations! You deserve this honor!

Mr. Miller - 6th Grade Social Studies



Blaze Apple-Fazio

Blaze Apple-Fazio I'd like to select Blaze specifically on his growth throughout the quarter. He started out kind of harumph! and  came in late most days. As the weeks progressed, he really started to shine and show that he is very capable. His growth showed through in his work and his attitude toward school and his peers. 

Mrs. Miller - 8th Grade CHOICES



Salyna Beard

Salyna Beard is a 6th Grader who has been a model of the growth that we hope all 6th Graders achieve each year.  She has matured in many different aspects of her life this first year at CCMS.  Salyna has gained independence, confidence, and self-motivation.  She is a student I can count on to ask questions to clarify and work hard to achieve well.  She is also a student I can count on to show a little sass and personality here and there, and has grown to know the appropriate time, place and method to do so. I am extremely proud of the growth I have seen from this young lady, and I look forward to hearing about her future endeavors.  Congratulations Salyna!!

Mrs. Lopez - 6th Grade Math


Jaela Bishop

I chose Jaela Bishop as student of the month for two important reasons. First, Jaela has really come alive in my class the last two quarters. At the beginning of the year, Jaela did not volunteer in class or ask very many questions in Social Studies class. That has certainly changed now. Jaela is constantly asking and answering questions in my class, showing she is paying attention, and really thinking about everything we learn about. She is always one of the first students to get started working, and I am really impressed with the progress she is making this year. Secondly, Jaela is a super friendly, kind, and polite young lady. I have never seen her be disrespectful to me or any other student. She gets along with everyone she works with, and is a dependable peer to others. I am really lucky to get to teach Jaela, and am super proud of her. Keep up the great work Jaela!

Mr. Keller - 7th Grade Social Studies

Taiya Fisher

Taiya, I chose you for "Student of the Month" because you exemplify our SOAR Culture so well.  You are very successful because you work hard and always do your best.  You are proud of your work and workspace and take care of yourself - this is a great example of ownership.  Taiya, everyone loves you and your positive attitude.  You are well liked by your peers because of your super attitude.  Lastly, respect!  You show yourself, peers and adults proper respect and this makes you a super star!!!  Keep up the good work!  

Mrs. Jones - 6th Grade ELA


Mia Gerl

Mia is a hard worker in class, She is always on task and on time to class. She is willing to help her peers in class that may be struggling. She is a joy to have in class and her school work and dedication to academics are admirable.

Mr. Michels - 8th Grade Science



Hazel Goudy

Hazel Goudy!  Positive attitude, shows agility, and works extremely hard!

Mr. Harms - 8th Grade Physical Education



Elias Hunter

Elias always volunteers to answer questions, turns in every assignment on time, and will offer his assistance to other students. While Elias was an online student, he was attentive to each and every lesson. His dedication to his schoolwork is admirable! Thank you Elias for all of your hard work. Keep up the good work!

Ms. King - 8th Grade Math



Sophia Ledoux

I chose Sophia Ledoux as my student of the month for multiple reasons. She comes to class with great attitude and enthusiasm that is contagious to those around her. She asks clarifying questions for the good of the group that helps keep the choir at their best. Thank you Sophie for your continued hard work and dedication - it is not unnoticed! Keep being you! 

Mrs. Richardson - Band / Choir



Kai Lewis

Mr. Kai Lewis is a fantastic young man. The first thing I noticed about Kai is his heart. He is always kind, always has a positive attitude, and is always willing to help others. Kai is a model student. He tries hard, always does his best, and is willing to take risks. I absolutely adore him! I cannot wait to see all the amazing things Kai accomplishes in life. Congratulations!

Mrs. Browning - 6th Grade Science



Olivia Ley

I have chosen Olivia Ley for student of the month.. Olivia exhibits many wonderful traits. Olivia always has a positive attitude towards her study. Olivia is able to manage her time as well as workload very well. She is one individual who wants to know what she did wrong when she missed a few points on an assignment. She cares about her learning. Courteous, responsible, ambitious, and mature are all characteristics that Olivia has. Oliva, you are a wonderful young lady and a pleasure to have in class. Keep up all of your hard work, it is going to pay off!

Ms. Barry - 7th Grade Math


Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller  It is no surprise that you are the recipient of this award.  You are so deserving of this accomplishment.  I truly appreciate your dedication to your academics and your caring and kind personality.  Our world could use more people like you in it.  Your impeccable work ethic and benevolent personality make you the epitome of what an amazing individual is.  I can’t wait to see what fabulous accomplishments you achieve.  Thank you for always being so polite, kind and caring - you are a true joy to have in class. 

Mrs. Price  - 8th Grade ELA


Jordan Reynolds

Jordan is always willing to assist other students and maintain the shop through cleaning without being asked.  He is kind to other students and completes assignments well and in a timely manner.  Jordan is a pleasure to have in class!

Mr. Daly - 8th Grade CTE



Austin Root

If you have not had the opportunity to meet this young man, then you have something to look forward to. Austin has the best attitude towards learning and life—a person with True GRIT!  None can compare with his growth mindset, as he approaches every challenge like a champion. He is a joy to have in class, and will surely bring a smile to your face with his wit.  Thank you Austin for your hard work and dedication towards learning! To Mr and Mrs Root thank you for sharing, not just Austin, but your family with us! They are Terrific!

Mrs. Miles - 6th Grade Technology


Alina Sasser

This month, I would like to select Alina Sasser as the 7th-grade ELA Student of the Month. Alina has faced some challenges this year and she has tackled each one with tenacity, agility, and empowerment by communicating both her needs and goals with staff. She set her sights on a specific result and worked diligently over a long period of time to achieve it. Her quiet spirit is always kind and encouraging to others; her smile is infectious. I have no doubt that this young lady will reach great heights as she continues to SOAR both at CCMS and beyond.

Mrs. Davidson - 7th Grade ELA


Krystabelle Wallace-Arrieta

Good jobby Krystabelle! Congrats on Student of the Month for History class. You have an amazing personality and are just like Alexander Hamilton, a self-starter! You’ve got all the attributes teachers admire in a student. Your work is impeccable, your behavior is on point, and whether you know it or not, you are a leader. Keep up the good work, Krystabelle!

Mr. Brown - 8th Grade Social Studies



Averi Wilson-Burks

Averi Wilson-Burks is an all-around good person.  She is polite, responsible and hard-working.  She gets her work turned in on time and it is always done to the best of her ability.  Always willing to participate in class discussions, Averi’s enthusiasm encourages her classmates to work harder and take risks.  Most importantly though, Averi is just a big sweetheart!  She is always willing to lend a helping hand to both her peers and her teachers.  I have never seen her turn down an opportunity to share her goodness.  It has truly been an honor to have her in class this year!

Mrs. Day -7th Grade Science