The CCMS Counseling Department has developed a “Tutoring for Credit” program.

Interested? Qualifications and guidelines can be found here.

The CCMS Counseling Department has developed a “Tutoring for Credit” program to be implemented for this quarter four. The program will allow students to tutor a younger school-aged child in the home to gain credit for continuation. This opportunity is available for all students who have a younger school-aged child in the home, but would be especially advantageous for students who either:


  • have already failed 2 or more core classes this school year 

  • may need to go to summer school 

  • are at risk for retention.


If you or your child would like to tutor, please email Ms. Crocetta at or Randy Smith at and let us know that you would like to participate. Please send the following information by Monday, April 20th.

  • Tutor’s name, grade level
  • Tutee’s name, grade level, school, relation to tutor



  • Students must complete a total of 15 hours of tutoring to receive .25 credits. They may complete 30 hours to receive .50 credits.

  • Students must not violate social distancing rules. Tutee must reside at your home.

  • Parent MUST vouch for hours spent being tutored or tutoring.

  • Parent contact with CCMS Counselors will be imperative for admission into the program and approval of hours. CCMS may not approve of hours if there has been too limited parent communication.

  • Parents will email counselors at the end of every week and let us know the following:



Your student tutored ___________ person for ________ hours in ___________ subject. The last day to send this information will be Thursday, May 14th. 

Please contact the counselors with any questions you may have. or Randy Smith at