CCMS Student of the Month

Divanee Bouchard

Divanee is a bright, courageous, and charming young woman. She is a pleasure to have in class. Divanee was picked for student of the month due to her active participation, eagerness to learn, and willingness to ask thoughtful questions. You can tell she is genuinely interested in the classroom lessons. 

Randy Smith - Choices Class

I am also lucky enough to be Divanee’s counselor and can see an exponential amount of growth since the beginning of the school year. She is mature and is not afraid to be herself, and will always stick up for what is right - even if it is the unpopular choice. 

Holly Crocetta - CCMS Counselor


Domi Carochi   

Domi is a very hard worker. She is an individual who never gives up. If she needs help, she waits until she gets it. If she sees a student struggling that she can help, she steps up and helps them. Domi displays integrity and dedication in her work. She is a quiet individual who deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and efforts she has put forth this year.  

Alexis Barry - 7th grade Math




Maxine Carroll

Maxine, congratulations on being named Student of the Month for history class. Maxine, you are the 8th-grade student we as teachers dream of having. You are attentive, respectful, and self-motivated. Your work is always stellar and you are ready with an answer whenever I do callouts. You are very deserving of Student of the Month! Thank you for being such a great student, and keep up the great work!

Ryan Brown - 8th grade Social Studies





Rebecka Chaney

Rebecka has a positive attitude about school and is a hard worker, who has the tenacity to continue learning even when she encounters difficulties. She is always willing to help others who need assistance.

Nate Michels - 8th grade Science





Talon Desalvo

There are so many amazing kids at CCMS, and you are one of them!  It is my honor to choose you as Student of the Month!  I have enjoyed getting to know you as a member of the Student Council, and as a student in the class, you have been a joy!   You are a natural-born leader, and I appreciate your ability to work with everyone.  Your kindness knows no bounds!  Without a doubt, I am looking forward to watching you grow and influence changes to make our school a great place to learn! Congratulations!


Mrs. Miles, Technology



Kadence Dickens

I chose Kadence to be Student of the Month because she is a responsible, and kind student leader in my class. Kadence is an online student, which can be very challenging. Being an online student takes a lot of responsibility and ownership to make sure that you attend class regularly, and get assignments done. Kadence does these things with flying colors. She is always one of the first people to arrive in class, and she always gets her assignments turned in and done at an amazing level. She is a great example of what an online student should try to be. Kadence is also an incredibly kind and helpful peer to her fellow online learners. She has repeatedly assisted other students who need help in class, oftentimes before the teacher even realizes that there is a question or problem that they need help with. She seems to step up and take on the role of a leader at every opportunity. I could not be prouder of Kadence, and am lucky to get to teach her about social studies this year!

Micah Keller - 7th grade Social Studies



Anna Flores

Anna has been chosen to be student of the month for music for multiple reasons. Music looks very different this year. Students have been given the opportunity to choose projects and or areas of music standards they would like to explore. Anna has handled this like a champ! She is a very hard worker and it shows through the quality work she produces. She has shown agency for herself many times by advocating her desires through the projects she has chosen to complete. Anna continues to stay ahead of deadlines and strives to give her best! Thank you, Anna, for your great work!

Cortney Richardson - Music




Nick Gardner 

Nick was a superlative student in CTE during the second quarter.  He was always willing to pitch in and give a hand to his peers and his instructor.  Nick assisted numerous peers in completing their projects and always did so with enthusiasm.  Nick was always willing to assist wherever needed and had a constant motivation to learn new and more difficult techniques.  Nick's own work was exemplary and I was very proud to be his teacher!

Shannon Daly – CTE




Declyn Hamilton

The student of the month for 8th Grade Math- January is Declyn Hamilton. I chose Declyn for his drive to seek answers in math and his determination to find new ways to solve problems. He is a dedicated student that shows up every day with a positive attitude and strives for the best in everything he does.

Mirenda King - 8th Grade Math





Elyvia Hopper

Elyvia brings a deep sense of agency into class working with quiet determination to find her best. She is very open to trying new techniques and processes learning from her experiences and adapting to new situations. She came into her art class with a high-interest level and a sound knowledge base. but in a few classes has taken that to another level. In the first week of class, she brought in a large drawing of a willow tree as a gift and said I always make a drawing for my art teachers. This drawing most likely took her 2-3 hours to create so it demonstrated to me her commitment to kindness as well as her love for art. I want to thank her parents for sending this wonderful young lady to CCMS. I as well as all her teachers feel blessed to have her in our classrooms.  

Andrew Vetter - Art




Cara Janes

I choose you as my Student of the Month because you are such a joy to have in class. I so appreciate your attitude and sweet spirit! You are always asking me if you can help with anything. You are very kind-hearted and you have dedicated friends because you treat people so well. I know that you will be successful in life because of your kindness, work ethic, and "can do" attitude.

Dale Miller - 6th Grade Social Studies





Kelsie Jones

Miss Kelsie Jones is one of the most deserving students of this award.  Kelsie has the most beautiful vocabulary and is always so prompt on completing her assignments that are flawless!  Her work ethic and dedication to excellence make her the epitome of what it takes to be Student of the Month! Kelsie took on her first year at CCMS with positivity and grace which has helped her to flourish and share with us the amazing student she is.  Paired with her excellent academics, Kelsie also has a heart of gold and kindness that exudes through her behavior.  Thank you, Kelsie, for being such an outstanding person, I appreciate you so much.    

Brandy Price - 8th grade ELA



Brad Loper

Brad Loper is an amazing young man!  Academically, Brad excels in school.  He works hard, turns in work on time, and asks questions when he is confused.  More importantly, though, Brad has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor that naturally draws people to him.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand to both his peers and his teachers.  I have never seen him turn down an opportunity to share his goodness.  It has truly been an honor to have him in class this year!

Stephanie Day - 7th grade Science




Athena Mills

My darling Athena, I simply adore you! You always work hard in my class and do your best. I can always count on you for anything, especially keeping the class fun! In fact, that is one of the things I love the most about you: your sense of humor. I appreciate that fun, sarcastic side of you! In fact, thank you for just being you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. I know it will be fantastic! Congratulations! Now, stop eating people! (Ha, Ha, Ha!!)

Jamie Browning - 6th grade Science




Anthony Petrowski

Anthony embodies our SOAR Culture in many ways.  He has great grades in all of his classes, so this makes him successful academically.  Tony also exhibits ownership when he makes a mistake.  He is willing to admit and learn from his mistakes.  Let's mention attitude: Tony always has a positive attitude.  No matter the situation, Tony is willing to try and give it his best shot.  Tony gives everyone he meets the respect they deserve.  I really appreciate his willingness to work with anyone in the class.  Tony you are so worthy of 'Student of the Month", I even had to thumb wrestle Mrs. Lopez for you.  Congratulations and keep it up!!!

Mrs. Jones - 6th grade Language Arts




Chloe Sebek

Chloe has been a wonderful help and extremely outgoing young lady.  She has taken on a leadership role in our class and helps keep the class going in the right direction.  I find Chloe to be an exceptional young lady and I am very happy to have her in class twice a day.

Nate Harms - Physical Education





Hayen Smith

For the 7th-grade ELA Student of the Month, I nominate Hayden Smith. Since the beginning of this school year, Hayden has participated in class discussions and encouraged his peers. However, the event that brings Hayden immediately to mind for this recognition occurred on a Friday School day. Due to some miscommunication, Hayden was not able to join the Friday School group at the beginning of the morning, but he did not let that stand in his way. Instead of giving up, he demonstrated maturity and tenacity by promptly emailing staff asking for direction. Once all was cleared up, Hayden returned immediately in order to take advantage of the extra opportunity for assistance with his assignments. He accomplished the tasks with diligence demonstrating both a commitment to his education and integrity beyond his years. Way to SOAR, Hayden! - Mrs. Davidson - Language Arts




Jordyn Sutton 

Jordyn has demonstrated initiative and cooperation this quarter in CTE.  She has also demonstrated an openness to new ideas and thoughts.  She is engaged and works well collaboratively with her peers.  Jordyn has also demonstrated civility and citizenship above and beyond her age.  Great job Jordyn!

Shannon Daly - CTE





Nellie TerMeer

Nellie is the type of student that math teachers all over wish other math students would watch and imitate.  Math isn't her favorite subject, isn't her biggest strength, but she works very hard at it.  Nellie embraces the need to learn the concepts, even if they aren't her fave.  Success will always be very achievable for Nellie, because of her work ethic, tenacity, and perseverance.  It is these qualities that prompt Nellie as the 6th Grade Math Student of the Month!  Congratulations Nellie, You Rock!!

Jade Lopez - 6th grade Math