What to expect from fourth grade

What to Except From Fourth Grade:

  • In Fourth grade, students will continue to learn to read and write. However, they will be reading more difficult stories, poems, classic novels, expanding vocabulary, increasing fluency, and using their reading strategies to demonstrate their comprehension skills.
  • Students will be writing longer  detailed stories and creating reports on information they have read. They will be expected to provide evidence to support ideas. 
  • Students will continue to enhance their math skills, focusing on higher level problem solving skills, explaining the process of multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, etc.
  • Social Studies will focus on World History: Middle Ages, African Kingdoms, and Chinese Dynasties. American History focuses on American Revolution, Constitutional Governments and Early Presidents. 
  • Science will be conducting experiments in the following units of study Chemistry, Human body: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems, Electricity, Geology: How the Earth Changes and  Weather