Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten at Mountain View!

Welcome to Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten at Mountain View Core Knowledge School! I hope you will find this webpage helpful as we enjoy our precious year together! Check in often... there will be monthly newsletters, field trip information, homework reminders, helpful websites and links, parenting tips, event details, and other interesting and important things to know!
Join us as we help your children grow and develop in these important character traits!

In kindergarten language:

Kindness:  Being nice to others, from our hearts
Respect: Showing that we know that other people and other things are important
Responsibility: Doing our job... doing what we are supposed to do
Integrity: Doing the right thing... making good choices... even if no one is watching
Gratitude: Saying "Thank You," and meaning it, when others show care and kindness to us
Compassion: Showing that we care about how other people are feeling
Please know that we as a kindergarten team are doing what we love, and that it is our honor to be entrusted with these little children. Thank you for your trust, and for sharing your amazing kiddos with us. 
Nellie Jarvis and Kathi Heckart