Welcome to Music!

elements of music

In music we build our understanding of the elements of music, our listening skills, and learn core songs. We learn theory, play instruments, sing and dance, and discover composers and their music, and we have fun! 
This is our second year using the music program, Quavers. Quavers is a world leader in online curriculum development for grades Pre-K through 8th grade. Their approach to online curriculum development uses engaging digital resources and has been adopted by 8,000 schools worldwide within the past four years! We are so excited to be using it again in the classroom! 
Music meets only once a week, with the exception of middle school, so attendance is very important! Grades are based on behavior, participation, performance, and different types of assessments and assignments. I will be watching closely for our five core behaviors - respect, responsibility, compassion, gratitude, and integrity.