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Maestra Benesch in an huipil back in her college days

Dear Parents and Guardians:  We welcome your children into the wonderful world of Spanish speakers and culture!  Not only does knowing a second language enhance one’s life, but that skill actually increases I.Q, and gives a person more opportunity in careers.  Being able to communicate in two languages is a marketable advantage and a sought-after skill by many employers.

Teaching Methodology:  We follow a strategy called Total Physical Response (TPR) and Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS).  Students act out vocabulary,  respond physically to commands and roleplay stories to internalize the language.  In addition, students sing, dance, read and write in Spanish.  Grammar concepts are taught in context to the stories we read and act out in class.

Homework for grades 3-5 and middle school:  Every week, students receive a Spanish homework notice via email on their Chromebooks.  They click on the homework link which takes them to their Duolingo account where they can find their assignment.  For grades 3-5 students are to work 10 minutes per week and for middle schoolers between 15 and 20 minutes per week. Teachers can see and monitor homework.

Teacher experience: Vanette Benesch retired from Canon City High School having taught English, Speech and Debate and Spanish levels I, II, III, IV and Advanced Placement Spanish.  Sandra Kerr, a history major at Colorado State University, grew up bilingual and served as a Spanish teacher substitute. She is pursuing her teaching certificate.

Spanish program goal: We are honored and excited to teach your child Spanish in a fun manner that mimics how people learn their first language.  Our hope is that students acquire practical Spanish speaking skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Students are encouraged to appreciate the rich and diverse cultures that make up the Spanish-speaking world.  

Contact information: If you ever have questions or concerns, please, don’t hesitate to contact us: and

School Phone:  719-275-1980   Cell Phone: 719-431-2415

Atentamente (Sincerely),                                                                                                  

Maestra Vanette Benesch, Spanish Teacher and Maestra Sandra Kerr, Spanish Aide