Music/Spanish Program Information

Dear Parents,


Our Music/Spanish program is just around the corner! This year, things will be done a little differently. As you know, the event will be held outside the front entrance of the school. K-2 students will be staying in their classrooms right after school and will be performing at 4:15pm. Their performance will take about 15 minutes. 


When their portion of the performance is complete, they will have an opportunity to partake in the piñata, and then they will be released to their parents. 


If your student is in 3-5 grade, they may have a choice to stay in their classroom with their teacher, join their parents outside if they have a younger sibling in grades K-2 performing, or they may be picked up and brought back to the school by 4:30pm. They will begin their portion of the performance at 4:45pm. When they are finished they may also partake in the piñata, and then will be dismissed to their parents. 


There will be several food trucks there offering meals and dessert. Please feel free to enjoy these! 


We will be closing off the front parking lot and ask that you park either on South Street, the back parking lot, or across the street at Harrison school. 


Although we will be outside, we ask that you not bring any pets since we are still at a school function. However, service dogs are welcome. 


We would also ask that you hold off on playing on the playground while performances are taking place. This will help keep distractions to a minimum. 


 Masks are required to be worn by audience members while sitting in close proximity.


Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. 


Thank you, 

Alicia Smith (Music)

Vanette Benesch(Spanish)