Harrison K-8 Overview

At Harrison School, we believe that every child is capable of success, and we work every day to help students, families, and staff achieve their goals.  Located just north of town, Harrison School has been serving students in grades kindergarten through 8 for over 15 years.  We pride ourselves on the sense of community we’re building by creating meaningful and engaging learning environments.  

Our staff works to create positive and supportive relationships with all our students.  These relationships drive everything we do at Harrison.  When our students feel connected to their school and teachers, they feel safe and are willing to engage more deeply with their learning.  Since many of our students stay with us for nine years from kindergarten through 8th grade, our staff is able to grow with our students, meeting individual needs and building student success.

Built in 2006, Harrison School currently serves just under 600 students with around 100 staff.  The beautiful building features an open concept, which provides for a lovely commons space and community gathering room.  Grade levels are organized into “pods” with common shared spaces for student and staff collaboration. 

Our teachers and staff show their dedication through their commitment to ensuring every child develops the skills and traits they need to be successful.  Our amazing counseling team works both in the classroom teaching social and emotional skills and also on an individual basis meeting students’ needs.  Intensive reading support is provided in our early grades, setting the stage for students to succeed from day one.  This is all done through an intentional process that evaluates the data on individual students who are struggling and develops a plan for meeting those needs.  This process has been shown to increase student engagement and achievement across the board!

Harrison School offers a variety of after-school programs designed to keep students engaged while providing new ways for students to be successful.  Football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, wrestling, softball, and track are all available to every student in grades 6-8.  We also have a vibrant computer coding club, a drama club, and several student leadership groups that provide amazing opportunities for growth.  After-school homework clubs help students get extra support in a fun environment.  

At Harrison School, we understand that each child is deserving of respect and love.  We work to create learning communities that build a student’s sense of self, well-being, and confidence.  We want our students to take risks in their learning, puzzle over difficult questions, and take appropriate risks in finding solutions so that they become resilient and responsible lifelong learners.  We know that the way to grow healthy kids is to surround them with supportive adults who have high expectations.  At Harrison K-8 School, our passion is student growth, and that passion is reflected in what we do every day.