Office Hours

Online Pre-Registration Kiosk - In Person Support

For Those Who Might Need Some In-Person Support, We’ve Got You Covered...

Visit our Registration Kiosk @ Canon City Schools District Administration Building

July 12-July 31, 2021 8am-4pm, 101 North 14th Street

  • Don’t have access to a computer? 
  • Need help with your Campus Portal account? 
  • New student to Canon City School District?
  • Need assistance with the online registration process?

Our Registration Kiosk will have computers available. Staff can help with Campus Portal accounts, online registration questions/problems and new student registrations.


On-Site Registration Day

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 8am-4pm

Schools are using this day to assign lockers, hand out student schedules, building tours, PCC Concurrent Enrollment, or other needs.

Parents/Guardians need to have their Online Pre-Registration Application complete before attending On-Site Registration Day.