CCMS Vision Statement

Cañon City Middle School will empower ALL Falcons to SOAR towards academic and personal growth in a secure environment.

CCMS Mission Statement

We are Falcons.  We strive to show Success, take Ownership for our behaviors, have a positive Attitude, and give Respect to all.  When we do our best CCMS will SOAR. 

CCMS is a traditional middle school with 370 students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. We offer instruction in four core subjects along with life skills and academic intervention classes. The staff of Cañon City Middle School work daily to ensure students feel connected to the building and at least one individual staff member through an advisory class.  Canon City Middle school has worked hard over the last decade to develop a positive and helpful culture for staff and students.  S.O.A.R. is a model for behavior and class management that has roots in PBIS, Discovery, Web and traditional educational practices.  This model of working to take care of the whole child is staff developed and adhered to giving students a uniform and consistent experience in all areas of the building.  

Students take seven or eight classes per day, four of them core: English, Math Science, and Social Studies.  CCMS has also worked to provide a Spanish and writing lab course that all students will take each year for one or two quarters.  They then get the chance to choose electives between, Band, Choir, Physical Education, Weightlifting, Wood Shop, beginner and advanced Technology, and Art.  Students can also take Academic Enrichment (AE) classes that focus on both Math and English intervention as well as special choice classes such as Fly Fishing, sports history, Criminology, Archaeology, and Dance among others.  

Canon City Middle School also offers students the chance to participate in multiple after school activities.  Students can participate in a musical production in the fall or a play in the spring, choice of 10 different staff sponsored clubs and 8 different sports.  Students can play volleyball, football, basketball (boys and girls) cross country and track as well as softball and wrestling.  In addition to these sports students can participate in the weightlifting program held after school or try their hand at games, art, drama and other clubs and activities.